One Lovely Blog Award


I am honoured and humbled that anyone actually reads my ramblings once, but if they come back again, it is something really special to me.   I blog because I either need to get something off my chest or because I need to think something through, and the easiest way is to write it down and get feed back to help me organise my thoughts.    It is therefore a very selfish thing.     My writing style is that of someone chatting with friends, I am not going for the grammatical perfection of a classic novel.    I write as a talk, a combination of waffle and just see where it goes.

I am therefore quite taken a back that I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award.     I would like to thank the BBC for my nomination!     The BBC is British Blokes Cooking, and if you haven’t checked out their blog you really should –

So, here goes with my response to the award.

As a recipient we must display the logo:


Link back to the person who nominated us –

Tell you seven interesting or fun facts about ourselves:

1. I have a tongue long enough to lick the end of my nose.

2. I have appeared on page 3 of The Sun – calm down, it was an article about a group of kids from my school, so get your mucky minds sorted!

3. I broke my arm falling over on the way to a first aid exam when I was 12, and nobody noticed it was broken!

4.One of my life ambitions is to shave my head.

5.I spent 3 months in Canada 20 years ago, and travelled from Vancouver island to Quebec City.

6.When I was at college I went to America on a music tour.

7.I have double jointed toes.

Finally we have to nominate five other blogs for the award. These are the ones we have chosen and we hope they accept: – Denise is great.   She always has an encouraging word. An Aspie Mum who is frank and honest. Hubby, who has an opinion! Lovely lovely people. A nice read.

I know not everyone does these awards, but I think they are a great way of experience new blogs.     Reading things people you like reading read will usually send you in the right direction.

Thank you again to the BBC for their kindness.   It is appreciated xx



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