Sleep is for wimps.



This was forwarded to me a few days ago by one of my Facebook friends.

I just thought I should share it today.     The reason today is the day to share is because of what happened last night.

During the holidays the boys are allowed to stay up a little bit later.    They enjoy watching DVD’s in their room.     We put a telly in there earlier in the year.    It doesn’t have any live telly feed, but does have a DVD player.    It also has one of the multi socket switches on the plug, so we can turn it off from our room.     On the whole they are very good with it.      They choose a disc and will go up to watch it with enough time to see it.    My only problem with it is the amount of discs that aren’t in boxes on M’s desk.    Oh, and the amount of sweetie wrappers under the bed if they’ve been allowed a snack!

They sit up on M’s midi-sleeper, and other than the occasional hitting and subsequent screaming they get on well while they do it.

Last night when I went through to say it was teeth time, they announced they would be both sleeping in M’s bed.    They had organised topping and tailing.

I wasn’t so sure, as they had often talked about it before and then M changes his mind before D gets in the bed, leading to total meltdown at bedtime.     A couple of times they have actually got into bed together, only for it to soon spiral down to chaos as friendly footsie becomes full on kicking.     We have therefore had to put them back to their own beds.

Last night though the were determined.     I talked about the negatives, but I could not talk them out of it.

In they climbed.

Hubby and I retired to our room waiting for the fight to start.    Nothing.    It was instantly silent.

Now, there were two possibilities for this.     They were up to something, or they had fallen asleep.      I must say my money ways on the first of those options, purely  based on previous experience.     We gave them ten minutes, and still silence.

Hubby went down the  passage as quietly as/possible and looked into their room.

Two snoring lumps.

I did ask him if he was sure!

A little dubiously we accepted that a later night had made them tired enough to fall straight to sleep.

I wasn’t expecting it to last, knowing what a fidget D is!

Hubby and I went to bed. I was expecting my usual 4am call from M. It didn’t come. Yes, he slept!

This morning, he proudly announces he slept until “7 dot dot (how he comments on the colon on the clock) 41!”.

D does add that M getting out of bed was what woke him up!

I am so proud of them both.

The problem is, I don’t think knackering them out, letting them have a bedtime at almost 10pm, and sleeping in the same bed is really the answer ever night, but maybe when – or if, we ever get our Sleep Scotland appointment I might ask!

For once I am happy to be a wimp, as my mantra of “Sleep is for wimps” was not used!

You just know they will be a nightmare to night!


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  1. I can feel the relief… I was just gearing myself up for the point at which it would all go wrong, and I wasn’t even there!

    Hope you enjoyed – you deserve the break. And congrats to the boys for sorting themselves out so well.

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