Poorly fingers.



D cut his fingers today, and is feeling very sorry for himself.

Yesterday Hubby had been playing with the marble run with the boys.     They managed to pack it all back into the box but none of them  was capable of returning the box to the toy shelf.   Subsequently this morning M pulled all the pieces out, including the glass jar with the marbles in.     It only took two bangs on the floor for M to crack the jar!     I put the jar on the coffee table while I got the vacuum out to make sure there were no slivers on the carpet.       Needless to say, the instruction of do not touch the jar while I cleaned got blatantly ignored by D.     One scream later, D is in tears, holding broken glass.     I asked him if he was cut himself and he just cries and says he’s OK.      Then he sees blood pouring from his finger.     Hysterics pursued.       Tissues held tight around his middle finger soon had it under control, until blood splatted from the index finger.      More hysterics followed.      I managed to get more tissues wrapped around the fingers.     M was brilliant.      He got D a glass of water.     He then hovered stroking D’s arm while he screamed the house down.    When I had calmed D enough to let me look at how bad the fingers actually were, M went and got the first aid box.       The middle finger was easily wrapped in a plaster, but the index finger kept bleeding every time I took the pressure off it.    I eventually got in covered with a plaster.    He continued to bleed for a while, but having them wrapped calmed him enough to get full on cuddles.     It must have hurt like made, and being his right hand, it has made the rest of the day quite awkward for him.

Once he stopped crying, he was fascinated by the blood stained tissues.     He wanted to know about the brightness of the blood.    We then talked about how blood took nutrients around the body, and the different types of tubing we have inside us.     It definitely took his mind off the pain in his fingers.      I had to try and remember what I learned in O’level biology about what the difference between veins and arteries was!     It was a deeply hidden memory and I’m not sure if I got it right, but I don’t think it will really matter too much.

He enjoyed the science of cutting his fingers, but it was a terrible waste of his O-   


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