My Night Alone.


Some of you may have read Hubbys tale of what he and the boys, especially D got up to when they went to his Mums on Friday night.    Its sounds as if they had a great time.

I am going to tell you what a middle-aged girl gets up to when she has the chance to live it up.

To start with, I must say a dampers was put on my wild life style by the blood pressure monitor I was attached to –, but to be honest, I don’t think it would have been that different!

For tea, I got Old Person and myself a nice piece of salmon.    We don’t have fish enough in this house, and I love it.   The problem is the boys, and their Dad turn their nose up at anything more adventurous that a haddock supper!    M will eat king prawns on the barbecue as long as they are on a stick (skewer) as apparently they don’t taste the same any other way.    I have tried cooking them on the grill, but he wont touch them!    It was therefore nice to have something I love to eat without having people passing comment because they aren’t keen.

I then headed upstairs.   I couldn’t bare an evening of Old Person telly.    Emmerdale, and Corrie – I used to watch both but lost track of them when that time was boys bath and bedtime, and have just never bothered with them since, and then Challenge TV – most of the shows on there were bad the 20 or so years back when they were first on, but now they are excruciating!

I had of course bought myself treats for the evening!       A bottle of champers and expensive chocolate truffles?    Nah, not for me.   You have to remember, I am a high-class lady, and my taste, or is that my budget reflects that!       I had a can of Rubicon sparkling mango drink and a bag of Jameisons Raspberry ruffles!    There, I told you I knew how to live.

I was thinking of having a long soak and pamper, but the BP monitor put pay to that, so I settled myself in bed and put on the DVD I had bought for myself.    Would I be ogling at Brad or George?     Again, no!

I settled down to watch the Brookside 30th Anniversary DVD.       For those of you too young to remember Brookie, it was the soap that defined Channel 4 when it was launched.    It was set in a housing estate in Liverpool, and made household names of Anna Friel, Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnstone, Claire Sweeney and Amanda Burton, to name a few.     It was a guilty pleasure of mine, and even though it lost its way later on, it was a great soap.    I would record the omnibus on a Saturday evening, and then slob on a Sunday to watch it, as Sunday was usually my day off.       When they said goodbye to the Close in 2002 it was sad, as with all soaps you have watched for years, you love the characters and the settings, and it was no longer there.      I do believe one of the reasons we as a nation love our soaps – whichever ones we watch, is because we no longer have close relationships with those living near us, and so its our way of interacting with the neighbours, even if they are fictitious and have lives that are SO far-fetched.     Brookside wasn’t scared of getting a reaction.   There was a siege where one of the regular characters was shot.    Sue Johnstones character was rapped on her way home from an evening class, and then keeping the baby.    One of the characters and her baby falling from scaffolding and dying – total up roar at the time to kill a toddler.     The now famous lesbian kiss that caused such horror it was cut from the weekend omnibus after being aired during the week.    The murder of an incestuous father – who then lay undiscovered under the patio for a couple of years!   Cults, drug addiction, car crashes, helicopter crashes.   In fact, I think if you name it, it happened in this little suburban cul-de-sac on Merseyside!

I loved it, and I had forgotten how good it actually was.      The DVD has links from the actor who played Jimmy Corkhill, and he gives background to the stories in the episodes and to tie up the loose ends that are of course there in a continual drama.

So this was my evening.    Watching a much missed soap.    Maybe not the high life, but for someone whose television viewing usually is a cross between Scooby Doo and whatever sport is on, it was nice to watch something I chose to watch!

My babies rang about 9pm to tell me what they were up to, and it definitely sounded as if they were having fun.      They sound SO grown up on the phone.   It is however much easier to talk to D than M.    D and his verbal diarrhea mean you just have to say yes occasionally, but with M you have to ask question after question and just hope you have heading the conversation in the right direction!

By the sounds of it, I settled down earlier than my baby, but I did have a very disturbed night with the BP monitor buzzing every hour.

So next time you are looking for that total party animal, I really am not your girl!


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  1. So funny! I love love love all sorts of fish so to me my very own choice of fish supper is the gate to heaven.

    I loved this too: “…dampers was put on my wild life style by the blood pressure monitor I was attached to”. What a pain it sounds! Hope it is worth it in the long run – fingers crossed for the right result.

  2. Ha-ha sounds like a lot of us really! I have some haribo teddy’s sweets to eat, and that is my grand night of no adult kids to look after, Oh and a film. Maybe a sleep over with sweets, tea and chocolate’s with bed at 10pm is the ‘new in!’ and we are just fashion trend setters.

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