Synth Britannia, an Aspie & a (Very) Late Night


The World of Neil

I took the boys over to my mum’s yesterday for a sleepover  to mark the start of their October school hols. By 1030pm, Matthew was in bed and was sound asleep. Daniel  was awake, but with his Granny in her room. That left me in the living room with sole control of the telly. What was on? Well, it was a marvellous night on BBC Four with the superb Synth Britannia, a 80 minute documentary charting Britain’s electro-pop since the early 70s. Back in the early 70s, I wasn’t aware of the masterful Kraftwerk, but they had a terrific influence on a lot of Britain’s musical talent at that time. What followed from the programme was an opportunity to wallow in nostalgia.

Peace was quickly shattered, as Daniel was through by 11pm. I told my mum it was ok, and he could stay up with me. Heinously late for a…

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