24 hour blood pressure monitor.


Today is the next step in the track to prove to my GP that suffering from white coat syndrome isn’t just a psychological problem, but it causes real physical symptoms.

For those of you that aren’t aware of all the goings on with my ridiculous trips to the doctors this year, here is a quick fill in.

I have suffered terrible tonsilitis for most of my life, but no doctor ever suggested having my tonsils removed.     Last winter I was so infected that I could barely breathe and it was a very frightening experience.    The attitude tends to be there is nothing they can do about tonsilitis, so they wont prescribe anything.     But I had had enough, so I went to the doctors and said I wanted to have my tonsils out.   She took a look in my throat and was surprised of the state of my tonsils in their well condition.        She gave me the talk about how it was more painful the older you got, but that didn’t put me off and she referred me to the hospital.

It didn’t take long to get an appointment with the consultant.   He took one look in my mouth and asked why I had never been referred to have them to be removed in the past as he had never seen tonsils that weren’t mid infection looking so bad.       He then talked me through the operation and all the pain I would be in afterwards.     I then had my blood pressure taken and it was through the roof.     I defy anyone to be told they are going for surgery not to then have a high BP reading.

I was then told to go and see my GP who would follow it up.

He sent me for an ECG and blood tests.    The blood tests all came back normal – no diabetes, normal cholesterol, and normal liver functions.     The ECG showed some abnormalities.     I’m not surprised by this as I was totally petrified before during, and then worried sick afterwards as to if there was a problem.        My GP thought the strange reading were nothing to worry about but thought I should have a heart scan just to make sure.

Meanwhile I had an appointment for my op.   I explained about what was happening with the ECG, and so everything was put on hold until that got sorted.     I understood this, as I don’t want to risk having a heart attack in the operating room.      They said as soon as it was sorted, to get my GP to rerefer me and I will be put back onto the waiting list.

I did however still believe that all these readings are as a result of being petrified by all things medical.

Finally went for the heart scan.    As the date approached I was making myself sick with worry.    I was convincing myself there was something wrong even though I knew there wasn’t.        The results came back that my heart was working perfectly.

At this point my GP told me he didn’t want to spend money by medicating me if it wasn’t needed.    I think that he is desperate to find something wrong with me to justify the money spent sending me for all these tests!         He wont admit I am just petrified by him, and more importantly that not all fat people are unhealthy!

His last-ditch attempt to explain my high BP readings is to have me fitted with a 24 hour blood pressure monitors.

Today was that day!

As soon as I dropped the boys off this morning, I headed to the hospital, expecting to get stuck in traffic, but of course I got there in 15 minutes, and found parking straight away.    It can sometimes take over an hour of driving around in circles to find parking at the main hospital.          I did then have to walk about 10 miles to the opposite end the hospital, then up 6 flights of stairs.    I was still over half an hour early for the appointment.    I waited, and waited, and waited some more before being shown into the consulting room.     I then waited, and waited and waited a little bit more, all the time listening to the staff talk in the next room, about where there buy their bread and what varieties are best – they agreed M & S French style bloomer had the best crust in case you’re interested.         Eventually the nurse came through and told me the computer was down so she would be a while.   Technology is great until it goes wrong!         She talked me through the dos and don’t of wearing the cuff.       She took my BP before fitting the machine so they had a base figure, and surprisingly it was a normal reading!        I was then set loose.

The machine takes my BP every half hour during the day and hourly over night.       I have to keep a diary of what I am doing during the day, so they can see how activities impact on me.

Before I had got back to the car the cuff had slipped down to my wrist, so I had to reattach it.   I just hope I’ve done it right.

The machine bleeps before it starts the compression, and I must say the sound is tensing me some what.    I am trying really hard to have calm thoughts but I’m not sure its working.    Luckily the boys are having a sleep over at Hubbys Mums tonight, so I wont be having the usual bedtime stress to cope with!

I am just hoping when the results of this come back that my GP will finally agree to refer me back for my tonsillectomy .      With winter approaching I would so like to get it over and done with before I am struck down with another dose of tonsilitis.

In the meantime, I can only look forward to being bleeped every hour through the night!   Roll on 10:30 tomorrow when I can take it off.


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    • I learned a long time ago there is no point arguing with doctors. They see a fat person therefore I am unfit and unhealthy and it is all my own fault so I shouldn’t be sat in their room! I will therefore jump through hoops for him if it means at the end of it I get my tonsils removed!

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