One More Day to Go.


Tomorrow is the end of term.    It has flown by since the kids returned in August.

Although this first term is relatively short, I think everyone is ready for the break.

The problem with these short holidays, it is two weeks they have off, they actually take more preparation than the longer ones.     During the longer holidays there is time to get used to the change of routine before having to think about going back again.   The shorter ones however, they just get used to not having to rush about in the morning, when they have to start doing it again.

The boys have been asking if its Friday since Monday, wishing the week away.    There are a couple of reasons they are desperate for these holidays, and it means they are going to be busy, and therefore the change of routine is slightly less stressful.    I do also think they are tired and just ready for some down time.

Firstly on Friday night, they are going for a sleep over with Hubby to his Mums.     They are mega excited about this.     M is already worrying about which pizza she will order for them – she doesn’t cook.     The sad thing is that as much as they are excited about going, she is only doing it because Hubby asked her.    She will have nothing for the boys to do, they will have to take their own DVDs and games.      She will then stand and hover just in case they make a mess, then say it doesn’t matter, but bring it up every time the evening is mentioned in the future.      I think it is so sad that she doesn’t embrace the time she has with the boys.   If she just lets her guard down, she does know how to enjoy herself, she just chooses not to.   Last time they had a sleep over there, M wanted to come home by 10am the following day, as he was bored!     I’m not say she should be all singing and all dancing – god forbid, but I just wish she could make a little more effort, after all as the boys grow up, other things become more important to them than spending time with old fogies.

Next week, the boys both have eye examinations.    I’m a little concerned if D needs glasses as he will squint when reading and hold the book really close.    We will find out one way or the other.    If he does, it might help his moods if he can see better, and if he doesn’t, I will prepare to do battle when I tell him not to hold his book so close!    M also has the dentist.    It will be his first filling, so I am nervous for him.    He on the other hand is very cool about it because he likes the dentist and says he is his friend.   I just hope he feels the same way after this.    He broke a tooth a while back, and was excellent with the injection and then the extraction, so I am hopeful for this.

On Wednesday we will be going to the local family restaurant in the town, as they have Scooby Doo visiting.    M is a Scooby addict at the moment, so it will either totally freak him out, as he isn’t always keen on people in character costumes, or he will be totally in awe.      Time will tell!     I just think if he doesn’t get the chance to see if he can cope with it, he will never forgive me!

The second week of the holiday is the main event.   We are going down to Berwick for a few days to the caravan park we visited at Easter.     The kids loved it there, and we enjoyed the calmness of them having fun.    Sitting having a coffee while they played games with the hard-working play leaders was the biggest buzz ever for me, as it was wonderful to see them wanting to be involved.

The reason we chose that week to go away is because M’s birthday is on the Wednesday.   He sees all of his class mates having parties – most of which he doesn’t get invited to, and thinks that he should be having one.     We tried it a couple of years back, and it just freaked him out big time, so we vowed never to put him through that again.      Therefore if we are away, he can have treats and be spoiled by us, and he doesn’t worry about no party.       We will then have a family tea for him when we get home, so he can have his presents.

We therefore have quite a lot to fit into the two weeks.    It does however mean I am rushing about for a couple of days trying to get it all organised.      It is so much easier to do things when I don’t have little helpers about!

Today I have been cleaning and tidying as I know I wont get a chance to do that while they are off!   Tomorrow I will go shopping and hide the food for the holiday.    I refuse to cook while we are away, so we do eat out or have take-away while at the caravan.   It is therefore just snacks I am buying, and if I don’t hide them, they wont survive until we pack the car!    I will also buy food to put in the fridge and freezer for the Old Person for when we are away.   She wont eat it, she never does, but I have to hope she will give in and eat something.

I am looking forward to my me time on Friday evening.     I will get myself something nice for tea, and indulge in some trash telly!    It will only be interrupted by the phone ringing every few minutes with one of the boys needing to speak to me!    That’s what happened last time!

In the mean time I need to get this place fit to be trashed by them next week!


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  1. Can’t understand anyone not preparing to have young people visit…we always prepare treasure hunts, cooking time, tv and chill out time, a bit of art and craft and then wait to see mood and weather…but maybe that’s why they love to come and only reluctantly leave…shame we at two ends of the country!

  2. Oh, great idea for M’s birthday. Sounds like you have found some play leaders to be treasured.

    Jealous you have holidays already! We’ve got two weeks more school!!

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