Jealously & the Psyche of an Aspie


The World of Neil

Daniel has been acting a bit strangely lately. He’s always been a sensitive wee soul, and it has never taken much to affect his spiritual well being. This week has seen something relatively new. Last weekend, he angrily announced “I am rubbish. I am rubbish at everything.” No amount of soothing and comforting would dissuade him from that view. Naturally, he’s anything but “rubbish” He’s a clever lad who is easily mastering literacy  and numeracy. His reading skills are excellent. Yes, he’s reluctant to show his teachers what he’s really capable of, but he makes up for that at home, and will happily read another couple of books after doing his school reading book. He seems wise beyond his years, and can use complex words in context. He has deep thoughts – definitely too deep for  a six year old. He’s a smart cookie. Where did his assertion that he…

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