Autumns here.


I like autumn.


Nature is doing its clever stuff to prepare for winter, and it does it so beautifully.     At this time of year there are so many exciting things to see when you’re out and about, the problem is you have to suffer the mud and rain to see them usually.    We are lucky in the part of the world we live as there is so much beautiful countryside around us waiting to be explored.

My boys are strange – I know I start so many idea flows with that statement, but it is true.     They love their computers, and games machines.   M is a self pronounced geek!      They do however also love the great outdoors.     They are happier being outdoors than being anywhere.     So I do believe they get the best of both worlds.

We will often take a short drive to one of the many woodland areas near here, and go for a family traipse in the woods.    The boys love exploring around the trees, looking for whats growing and any animals and creepy crawlies they might find – I am of the generation from before insects being rebranded as mini-beasts!       At this time of year there are usually such great fungi to be seen too, and as it is National Fungi Day – ,  this week, what better time to go out looking.

I recently signed us up for the BritMums, Little Adventure Challenge.      It is a way of getting kids into the great outdoors, exploring the changing world at this time of year.      The challenge is with Barny snacks –, – “The bear-shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite.”     We were happy to have a box of the Teddy shaped cakes to take with us on our latest outing.      My boys were also chosen to receive a bug collecting kit.      It comprises of magnifying glass, magnifying pot, net, tweezers, and bug transporter.       When we opened the box, they had there boots on and were in the garden instantly to go and see what they could find!      I’m just pleased to report Daddy told them not to bring the spider back indoors to show me!

With the kit checked out, it was time to test it in the great outdoor – I know our garden is a bit overgrown at the moment but I don’t think it really classes as that.

We headed down to Dunnottarr Woods –, a few miles south of us.       We often go there as it has a logical circular route around it.       D was doing his best Sherlock Holmes impersonation with the magnifying glass stuck to his face!

At this time of year the colours in the woods are amazing as the leaves are changing.      We set about collecting ones in different shades as we walked along.

At the point just before we start to loop back, there is an area with a bench near the river.    We have to stop here to have tomato soup.   With the boys, do something once and its done, but do it a second time and it becomes the norm.     It therefore now doesn’t matter what time of year, or what time of day we are there, I have to have filled a flask with tomato soup!         It is also nice to have a little sit down before D starts complaining his legs hurt.

As we set off again the boys decided they would have their Barny cakes.    The speed at which the box was emptied tells me they liked them!

Back at the car, the muddy boots and trousers have to be removed before I will let them get in – I know Im a cruel mother!!!!

Another good dose of fresh air for all.     We might not have found many insects on this trip, but we had a pocket full of leaves.

My boys might not have much patience when they are being over stimulated by the man made world, but the beauty of mother nature is certainly not lost on them, but instead enjoyed to its fullest.

We might have gone out with our Barny cakes and bug hunting kit because of the BritMums Little Adventure Challenge but we always have such a great family time when we do this its, not a hardship!


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