Some Mornings!


Some mornings I feel like the meanest person on the planet when I disturb this sleeping beauty.

D still has terrible anxiety issues with going to bed, but once he is there and asleep, he is so peaceful that it seems a shame to return him to the waking world!

The thing I don’t understand is that he could sleep on until goodness knows when on a school day, and yet at the weekend he is up ridiculously early. Why doesn’t he understand that on days you don’t need to get up, DONT! I suppose it is something he will eventually learn, that you make the most of time in bed when you can.

I am almost looking forward to the boys turning into teenagers. I already suffer the mood swings several times a day, so that will be nothing new, but the thought of them wanting to stay in bed half the day is rather appealing to me!

I think actually I would cope better if the boys didn’t have such opposite sleeping habits. D hates going to bed, but once he is there he is happy to stay there. M on the other hand gets up every morning before the chorus has warmed up, but because of this he is more than ready for his bedtime!

I think bedtimes are a difficult area, as some kids they know go to bed a lot later than mine. There is a boy who lives opposite us, that is D’s age, that is out until after dark on his bike, and we have often had the conversation that why are they off to bed when he is still out playing. It is all about parents perception of how much sleep their children need. I just wish mine would get more!

M’s sleep problems, mean he has been referred to Sleep Scotland, but there is such a waiting list that we aren’t holding our breath. We have tried later bedtimes, but his body clock seems to have set itself for a 4:30am wake, and it doesn’t matter what time he settles down.

On a Friday and Saturday night they do have a later settle down time, as we have movie and games nights, but wake up time is still the same – too blooming early!

In the meantime I have to disturb my sleeping beauty as gently as possible so we don’t have a mega kick off before he is properly awake!


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  1. It’s hard enough when they have sleep problems but to have different sleep problems… that’s tough…

    At least I was guaranteed a lie in at weekends with mine, despite their sleep problems.

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