Movie Night.


Last night was movie night.

My boys, being my boys, don’t want to spread out in the living room and watch a movie on the large telly.   No, no no.    They want to snuggle in Mummy and Daddy’s bed, and watch it up there.    We even had to go out and buy a Blu-ray player for upstairs a while back, because too many of their discs were in this format!

The movie was chosen.     It was Tangled.     I love this movie as much as the boys.    Now some people seem to think it a little odd that I don’t have a problem with my boys liking things that don’t fit the sexual stereotypes we force onto society.     Why should I?      These little human being have to develop in whatever way they are destined to do so.      We have often had the conversation with M particularly that there are no such things as boys and girls things, but there are just things, and if you like them then that’s all that matters.      D has pink headphones, because those were the ones he liked best in the shop, does that make him a bad person?   No, I don’t think so, it just makes him a child who found something he liked and asked if he could have it.           I believe my boys are popular with the girls because they are quieter and softer than a lot of their class mates.     M only mentions the girls in his class, and with the exception of this one true friend, D only talks about which of the girls in his class he will be marrying – it changes on a daily basis, and even some Mums have told me their daughters have said they will be marrying him!

So back to Tangled.    I think this is one of the best films out of the Disney stable in many years.     It looks good, and the story plays out in a perfect fairytale fashion.     The film before this one, The Princess and the Frog will always have a warm place in my memory as it was the first movie the boys saw at the cinema, but the story isn’t as rounded as Tangled in my opinion.

It is one of those movies I can watch over and over.   Already a classic.    However, even a classic can become a little tired when you have seen it at least a thousand times!

A while back I was reading a piece about how Disney hide references to other Disney films within them –     It is amazing how many of these you see subconsciously rather than noticing properly.          Because of this I wondered what the cross-reference was in Tangled.      I didn’t seem to find it on any of the lists like the one above that are listed on Google, but I found it on the IMBD site –     I also found a lot of stuff about continuity errors.       I therefore had my plan for the movie!

The boys snuggled up, and snacks were opened.    Play button pressed.     Mean while, I had the page open on my tablet, sitting on the bedside table!       Suddenly I was watching a new movie because I was not watching what the story tellers were being obvious about telling us, but instead I was watching what was wrong.      Things that are seen without realising it, and rarely do they make an impression.

If you don’t want me to ruin your basic enjoyment of the film, then stop reading now, but if you want to see if you’ve noticed them, then carry on.

When Rapunzel is laying in her crib in the palace before she is stolen, she has a mobile.   The mobile is made up of things that will be relevant to her in later life – a duckling, a chameleon, cupid, a blue bird and a horse.     This just shows that our destinies are all pre-written!

Rapunzel and Pascal are playing hide and seek, so he changes into the colours of the flower-pot to blend in.    Only for the flower-pot to be plain in the long shot of the tower window.       We are assuming one of her jobs that day was not to replant the flower pots!

When Flynn is tied up in Rapunzels hair after she captures him, he moves a lot for someone who has been immobilized.   We are talking big moves, on his left side to right.      My assumption for this is he has amazing muscle tone, and can therefore tweak a muscle to flip himself over!

When they are in the Snuggly Duckling is when we find the cross-reference.    Pinocchio is sitting on the rafters.

Maximus has a Roman dagger which of course doesn’t fit in with the time period of the film.     You have a horse that is more savvy than any of the guards, so why couldn’t he have been a time traveller who took it back from the future?

When Gothel puts the bag over Rapunzels shoulder her hair is restricted by the strap, the next shot her hair is over it.      There is only one sensible explanation to this, and that it that she does have magic hair – DOH!

When Flynn is stabbed the dagger goes in and out and not a drop on blood on it.     I believe this is because he still has some magic in him having had his hand healed earlier.     However, it is believed that Disney did this to get a lower certification when the film was released.

When Flynn cuts Rapunzels hair off near the end of the movie, he has been chained up so he can’t follow them when they leave, but when he lifts his arm, the shackles are nowhere to be seen.      I think they were just loose enough to slip out of the frame shot!

As Mother Gothel dies, she becomes old very quickly, and then falls from the tower, and yet the picture of her falling shows she has young hands!      This one I have no explanation for!     The animators screwed up, end of message!

But they all lived happily ever after!       If you haven’t seen it the follow up short is on YouTube, and it is the wedding.   It is only 6 minutes, and totally hilarious, so check it out  -.

As you can tell by my explanations of these so-called goofs, that I am used to having to explain things that seem wrong because my children do not accept things without explanation.    I have learned to spin a tale on the spot, and try to make it convincing some of the time!

Last night I enjoyed the movie so much more than I had in a while.   I saw things I hadn’t seen before – I’m sure there are other errors, I haven’t mentioned, but I kept with the ones I thought were the best!    I just hope I haven’t ruined the film for you the next time you watch it.      I will definitely do this again when one of the boys obsession films gets too much to bare watching again.

Happy Viewing!!!





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  1. Saw Tangled in the cinema with my daughter – it’s similar to Brave, if you’ve seen that.

    We mums of girls LOVE boys who are popular with girls. Honestly, we think they are so well brought up by their parents, because they treat our daughters like people. Instead of, as my daughter put it when she was about ten, “Girls think that boys are OK, if they are OK. But most boys just think that girls are gonna, like, kill them or something.”

    Glad you had a good night in, despite all the gaffes. Still sounds less stressful than lost Jimmy.

    • I didn’t enjoy Brave. I thought it was really slow, but maybe if I found the errors to look for it might be more entertaining!! 🙂

      The way I see it is they will learn to toughen up when they need to, and in the mean time build bonds with the girls which will make the tough guys jealous in a few years!!

      • Also you have given them the message that they are OK the way they are. I think that’s really important (I wish I’d done more of that when mine were little…)

      • It was never a conscious decision. I was always a tomboy, so never bought into girls not being allowed boys things, so it has never occurred to me that sexual sterotyping was something we should do. I did put M in pink a couple of times as a baby, but that was more about annoying my MIL than trying to make a statement!

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