Other Jimmy.




We finally gave in, and pulled out other Jimmy.

I put him on the sofa, and said nothing.    After school yesterday, M was doing his usual things, and then he spotted him.

Now, many people believe that people with autism can not show emotion.     If they believe this, then they would have been shocked by M’s reaction upon seeing Jimmy.     He screamed, that he had been found and just burst into tears.      It wasn’t just a few tears, it was floods of them.     I had never seen a reaction from him like this about anything before.        He said that he thought he would never see him again, as he hugged and kissed him.       He then stuffed him in the front of his jumper where he stayed to help with homework.

M did mentioned that he smelled differently, so I explained he needed a bath having been lost for so long!        Other than that he didn’t comment about the differences.       It was a nervous time, but he seemed to instantly except that he was jimmy and that was the end of it.

We just have to make sure when the other one does show up which it will at some point, that M doesn’t see him at the same time as cuddling this one.   I think that will really freak him out.

I think the emotion of being reunited played with M’s mind, as he was very restless at bedtime.     Usually he will settle easily, even if he is up in the night, but during the 2 hours until 10:30pm he was up five times.     He just wanted cuddles and was very emotional, sobbing his heart out when being told he had to go back to bed.      He was a boy whose head was spinning with thoughts that he was not sure how to process.

He eventually settled, but when he appeared this morning, he was still clutching Jimmy, as if he would evaporate if he loosened his grip on him!      I had to promise I would look after him today while he was at school before he would let him go.

This has been a horrible experience for M.    Jimmy is an important part of our family as M relies on him as something that makes difficult situations more comfortable.   Without him M feels lost and alone.

Lets just hope he doesn’t decide to play hide and seek again too soon, as I don’t need this stress!


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