Missing Again!


Jimmy is missing again.


For those of you that don’t know about Jimmy, he is M’s bear.   He is however much more that just a teddy bear.   He is his comforter, his confident, and his best friend.     Jimmy has been everywhere with M since he was born really.     He attended nursery and school with him every day until the start of this year.    Everyone that knows M, knows Jimmy.

This school year, M hasn’t needed him so much.     A positive sign, that he was feeling more confident in his school environment.      He still wanted him at bedtime, but if he didn’t have him, he wasn’t overly worried.        Again, a good sign that he wasn’t so reliant on his cuddly bud.

Then a few weeks back at school, they were doing a project about a deserted island.    Each child had to take in three things that they could not live without.    M’s first choice was me, his Dad, and, yes, his brother – the way they fight I was shocked he wasn’t thinking of leaving him behind!      I explained to him that it was probably not people, but things that he was expected to take.     He then said it would be Jimmy, as he needed the company!       Jimmy duly went to school, along with a note book, and his favourite Dr Seuss book – The Cat in the Hat.     However, Jimmy came home, at lunchtime, went back in the afternoon, and then back into school the next day!      Luckily M was one of the first children to talk about his items, or I would have lost track of Jimmy!

M then went back to not worrying about him.

Then at the weekend, out of nowhere, he suddenly got in a panic, and said he hadn’t seen Jimmy for ages, and where was he.

Now M has about a hundred cuddly friends that have to sit on his bed – in the right place of course, so I just assumed he was amongst them somewhere.     The next morning we striped his bed, and no Jimmy.        We then looked in all of his usual hiding places – behind the cushions of the sofa, in his ninja turtle truck, and then we kept looking.

After all the usual places had been checked it was time for a deeper look for the bear that is better at hide and seek than anyone I have ever met!

The boy’s room got checked first.   Under wardrobes, on top of them.   In drawers.   Under beds.    On book shelves.   Nothing.

This procedure got repeated in our room and then in Old Persons room.     All blank.

Now, D has a habit of if he is annoyed with M – which is most of the time, he will take it out on Jimmy.   He will throw him or hide him.     The problem there though is that D’s short-term memory is shocking.    He says he hasn’t put him anywhere, and he will usually admit it if he is aware he has.     The thing is he might have done, and just not filed the information in his brain, so he genuinely doesn’t remember doing it.

I then started searching downstairs.

I have pulled out things in this house that haven’t been pulled out in a long time.    I think I now have the cleanest hidden nooks and crannies in town!    I have opened every toy box, and game they own.    Every cupboard and drawer has been inspected.      I have been through the shoe rack.   I even pulled out the fridge and freezer to see if he was there.     If there is a space behind something it has been checked.    If something is high, I have climbed the steps to look.     Everything has drawn a blank.

I cleaned out the car.   I honestly can’t remember the last time the inside didn’t have bits and pieces strewn about it, but it was all removed to check.   Nothing.

Hubby asked his Mum to check at her house.   We don’t remember him being taken over there but we were starting to clutch at straws.

Hubby then spoke with the school administrator.   Her reaction was funny when she responding with “he’s not missing again!”    She went and checked in M’s classroom, and M told her he wasn’t at school.      He believes he bought him home from school, but I don’t remember if he did or not, and that week he was back and forth an awful lot.   M is probably right but we need to cover all angles.

Now we have covered every possibility, and we still can’t find him, there is only one thing to do, and that is to bring other Jimmy out of retirement.   We got other Jimmy after loosing Jimmy when M was quite small, before him turning up.        We therefore had a spare for emergencies.    The problem is they don’t look so a like anymore, with other Jimmy have far more fur having had less baths in the washing machine, and being chewed less.     But what else can we do?     I am hoping that the time since he last saw him will mean he is less observant, but I am not holding my breath.     I will tell him he has gone fluffy in the wash!     See if he buys that excuse.    What else can I do?

In the mean time, I can only wonder and worry where the red monster is hiding.   I am just hoping he doesn’t turn up when M is around as I am not sure what two Jimmy’s would do to him.

I think I have spent more of me life in the last 7 years looking for this bear than doing anything else!



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  1. A lovely read. I can share your thoughts as well, as my son has his doggy that is now over 16 years old!! and we even had it posted back to us in Turkey when we went back to the UK for a visit, and dog got left behind by accident. Not too easy to explain that when my son was 16 ish! years old, oh well, we also have ‘spares’ but he always knew which was the ‘First and best’. Now doggy lives in the wardrobe full time.

  2. This is such a funny story, with the two Jimmies, and touching with wanting to take his brother to school! and a mystery too.

    Good luck finding Jimmy.

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