The C word!


By the C word, I do of course mean Christmas, and anyone thinking anything else, needs to go and wash their minds out!

There is now less than 3 months to go until the festivities, so it is time to get my brain in gear and start actively knowing what I am going to need to do.    I am actually pretty much on track this year, and can say I am a long way towards being organised!

Now, stop throwing me nasty glances as you hate me for my organisation, there is a method to my madness.    The highest priority for not waiting until December to do the shopping is that I could not afford to do that.   Spreading the cost makes it so much easier.      I also love buying things for other people, and I think I am quite a good present buyer.   I therefore get things when I see them, knowing they will be perfect for a certain person – I just have to remember what I have bought when it comes to checking my list!      We have a cupboard, that nobody, that is NOBODY, apart from me is allowed in, as it contains the treasures I buy through the year.    The boys know that nothing carries a harsher punishment than attempting to go in there!

I do confess to buying cards and paper in the January sales.    I am a miser and do not like the idea of spending a fortune on something that will be in the recycling bucket at the start of January.     I would rather spend the money on something more important.    I don’t even both with cards for local friends, and prefer to bake biscuits or the such like for them – the boys enjoyed getting involved in that too last year!   Its more personal, and much tastier!

This year I am well on top of things, and not only know what I am buying everyone, but the main presents are done and dusted!     The boys are getting Disney Infinity.    They have both been begging for it since they first saw it advertised and are therefore getting it as a joint present.    I have been buying up power discs when I am in the supermarket and have a full basic set for them.    I will have to get onto Ebay, to sell on the doubles!     For Old Person, I have got a foot massager.    It is a plug-in thing that does various pulsing cycles, and is meant to aid circulation.    I thought it was the ideal present for the person who sits on her bum 90% of the time!       Hubbys Mum and brother are off to the US at the start of December, so we are paying for show tickets for them while they are in New York.       I can’t tell you what Hubby is getting as he reads this!

I try to make a big thing of the build up to Christmas day, as I think it is so all and then nothing otherwise.    It is stressful enough for the boys, M in particular that we have to ease it in gently.      I therefore make advent bags.    Each bag has a little present, and a chocolate coin.   Its nothing big, less than a £, but maybe a little more at the weekend.      They love them, and it starts them thinking about things are going to be strange for a few weeks.       December is always such a stressful month at school with the changes of routine as they rehearse for plays and go on trips, that they need so much reassurance to get through the month.      After all, what is more reassuring than chocolate?!!!!      Doing the bags for the children is much easier than doing those for the adults, who don’t want to be left out!       The kids will be happy with a toy car or some noisy putty, but the grown ups need things like bath bombs, and nail files!     Hubbys Mum does one for me, because I do hers, not that she has ever appreciated it.     I have had several things returned to me the following year, that she hasn’t used!    In fact, this year, I will be sending her back some shower caps for the third time!    It just has to be done, but I do wonder if she has actually realised they have been back and forth so many times!   Properly not, as she has no sense of humour.

I just wish in this country we made more of a big deal of advent.     Old person and I used to go regularly to the continent during December to visit Christmas markets.    The Germans certainly know how to do it – or maybe the gluwein just had me thinking that way!!!      We were thinking of going down to Glasgow for their Christmas market, but I don’t think the boys would really cope with the crowds.

With all my thoughts going to Christmas, I had forgotten about M’s birthday at the end of October.   I’m such a bad mother!!  Then, whilst looking at the local sales page on Facebook, I managed to get two perfect presents.    I bought him a brand new 3/4 sized guitar for £10 and a 7″ tablet computer of £60.      An all round win situation!      Two things he will love and I got them at a really good price!

In my book, it’s not about how much you are spending on a present, it is about getting the right present for the right person, and I think I have managed that for him.

So while I think of the disorganised people rushing through the crowds in December, I pity them.   I know Hubby will be amongst them, and then still give me an IOU – do you think I should maybe blog about what I’d really like to see if he takes the hint?   Not that it would work!

Let me be one of the first to wish you a Happy Christmas 2013!!!


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  1. Nothing like getting ahead of the game! I used to be like you when my kids were young. We lived in the States and every September/October I would go to Wal Mart, get all their Lego sets etc. and put them on layaway, meaning they would keep them in store and I would pay a little each week. Great way to afford them, all paid for by Christmas and Wal Mart got to store them out of sight right up until I could collect them a week before the big day! Now it’s very different. Most of my shopping seems to consist of all the food and booze and although I can get some of that ahead of time, not all as the deals don’t come out just yet. Sounds like you’ve done a really super job! And a very Happy Christmas to you too 😉

  2. Do you miss the little things like going down to the Christmas market?
    Advent is a lovely time of looking forward. Would be better if we didn’t have the total over saturation of Christmas songs and we had something to look forward to.

    • I do miss the accessibility for getting over to the continent. Would often have just a day trip to France!
      I think Christmas is over commercialized and as much as we fight the idea we can’t help being dragged into it.
      After years of working in restaurants I have developed a zone out of back ground music so I don’t often notice I’m hearing it!

  3. I gave up the crap years ago and have really come to enjoy the celebration of the birth of Christ for what it is.

    20 years married, we sent cards once. If you want to know what’s goin on in our life, cmon over…proceed with caution. We get the kids a few things, then we are done. I will buy gifts when I feel like giving them.

    Last year, I went on a $14 shopping spree at 99¢ store. Everyone was happy…or properly pretended to be.

    Regardless, its all forgotten by January anyway.

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