Where is my get up and go?


Today I am having a can’t really be bothered day.       I have them most days, but usually I snap out of that frame of mind pretty quickly and end up being quite productive.    Today however my get up and go has hidden itself somewhere hard to find!     I suppose if I worked out of the house, I would want today to be a duvet day!

I blame it on the weather!   Hey, I’m British we blame everything on the weather!    It’s too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, etc.  We’re never satisfied where the weather is concerned, and we don’t even get extremes of it!   It is however a national obsession we don’t apologise for!

Today though it is the heavy drizzle.   You know the stuff, it just hangs in the air waiting to soak you to the skin!       It is what my Mum would describe as wet rain – I’ve always said she was a little bit barmy, but I think we all know what she means!      We haven’t had many wet days since the school returned from the summer break.      A few where it has rained later on in the day – I’m always pleased when it rains at pick up time as the boys want to head straight home and not stop in the park we walk through!!!       Today though the rain jackets were on with hoods up, and wellies on.         It took a great deal of effort to get the boys to the stage where they were ready to get out of the house this morning.   I’m not sure their teacher would have liked them turning up in their birthday suits, but having said that D told me they were reading the Emperors New Clothes in class yesterday so they may have just thought he was getting into the book!!!

It is dark as well with it.     Where we live, it is a fog pocket.      Our town is on the top of cliffs, so where it can be sunny in the city, we can be in a thick haze of haar coming off the North Sea.      We are therefore used to it being dull, but this is an oppressive darkness.     It is much too early in the year for me to need the light on to see what I’m doing in the kitchen!     However I’ve needed it this morning.

It has taken me an age to sort the washing today.    I put it on when the boys come down, and the basic cycle is finished when I get home from dropping them off.   Today though it sat in the washing machine while I faffed about ignoring it!      It had to be done though, and took twice as long as usual!

I have made an Apple Betty, as my neighbour had given me some lovely cooking apples.   That’s baking nicely.

I do however think that’s my motivation for the day used up!

I have made coffee to see if that gets me going.     I have to drink decaf, as I get very sleepy if I have too much caffeine!    I know I’m weird, I have no allusion any other way.   I wish it did give me a buzz as I’d happily drink it all day!

I have an hour before I have to pick M up for lunch, so lets hope I have my bum in gear by then!     I don’t think he’d be too impressed if I wasn’t there at the right time to collect him.     He still makes me go into the school playground for him, as panic sets in if I am not visible when he comes out of the door.    If me walking the extra few steps make life easier for him then that’s what I have to do!

I think my best plan for today is to have a lazy one.    I don’t do it that often so why not.    Without the motivation, anything I start now will probably have to be redone tomorrow just to put it right!      I just hope I have the right frame of mind then, or it will be a long week!



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  1. I had friends who lived in Aberdeen. It was where her job was, but he couldn’t stand it and wanted to leave as quick as possible. The haze from the North Sea reminded me of them. He said it was so *grey*, because of the stones the buildings were constructed from. And only sunny for about three days in the year.

    Sounds like you got quite a bit done. You deserve to take things easy, you have a hard job as a mum.

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