Diet Update.


I thought it was time for a diet update.

I have been bad!

I am being honest that I have let things slide recently.

I haven’t put on any weight, but I haven’t lost any either!

I think the worry of the heart scan put me off exercising for a while.     It is a ridiculous excuse, but I think it’s quite accurate.      Before the thought of something being wrong with my heart, I had never given it that much thought.    It was something that was there and did its job.    You never think of its functioning, or I never did.   That is until now.      While I understood my weight put extra strain on my organs it was never fore front of my thoughts.

It is silly to think that as a large person, I should be exercising, but by exercising, I have to be careful I am not doing myself internal as well as my external body too much damage!!

I have however decided now my heart has been given the all clear, I must get back to my relationship with my Wii board.     I enjoyed that as part of my morning routine, and while there has been no reason for me to stop, I did, and now I must get back to it.

My diet hasn’t been too bad.    I just have to stop the evening snacking – comfort eating.

I did laugh at the information sheet the doctor gave me about reducing hypertension.      Or rather it was the sneering condescending look that the doctor gave me when we talked through the points.

I have to give up smoking.    I don’t smoke, and while I used to work in a very smoky environment, that was over 20 years ago.

I have to cut down my alcohol consumption.    For all intent and purpose , I am teetotal.   I might have a glass of cider when on holiday, and a port at Christmas, so my total units for the year are about 5!

I have to reduce my sodium intake.     I hate salty food.   I never add salt to cooked food, and when preparing food, I always use lo-salt.    We don’t eat pre-pared foods, so are aware of the salt we are adding.

I have to cut down on fat in my diet.    I am very much the Jack Sprat person, as in I really dislike fatty food.   I will cut all visible fat off meat, including bacon!      We have 1% milk, and low-fat spread.    It there is a reduced fat product for something I eat, I will always choose it.

All these things, the doctor looked at me with the yeah, yeah, look on his face!     Don’t you just love skinny medical professionals!!

The one thing on the list I can do something about is to my stress levels.    The doctor though had no idea how I should do this having 2 ASD boys in the house!

So it’s now onward and upward towards returning to controlling my life again.     Maybe I will finally get around to going swimming, or maybe an exercise class.    Not really sure I’m ready for that just that!


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  1. Bless. You just keep moving forward in any way you can Others have not one clue of how are lives can be hard and stressful. Let alone the metal drain of just helping so many others.

  2. Annoying doctor 😦 I know what you mean about stress making you eat more – I’ve done that. For me it’s more tiredness – needing to get through some task, but being tired, so you think eating will give you that extra energy.

    But when you’re caring for someone, it’s kinda hard to take that stress out of the equation.

    You’re doing great, never forget that.

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