Bryan Adams Obsession!


Today is a local holiday in our part of the world.

I have wondered the origins of these holidays since moving to Scotland, as we don’t have them in England. Different regions, and even towns though have random holiday days. I have asked various people about why certain dates are observed and the most common answer I receive is that they always have been, and the origin isn’t known! When I asked my MIL about them shortly after moving here, I got a lecture about not taking on board the life in the town I now lived in! I was only asking because I was genuinely interested in the origin! Oh well, I soon learned better than to try to educate myself about local history!

Today though, the school is shut for the local holiday, but Hubby has to work. The boys were ready for a day off after a month back to the grind stone! As soon as they knew about the day, they made the decision it was going to be a lazy day! Fine, they feel they need some down time, then let them enjoy doing nothing is my opinion. However the weather is unseasonably glorious and so I tried my hardest to persuade them that going out for the day would be fun. They were having none of it. They had made their decision on the way the day would proceed and there was no deviating from that path!

Now, as parents we are to blame for a lot of the things our kids enjoy. Both boys are sci-fi geeks, because both Hubby and I are. They have grown up with Star Wars and Star Trek being watched on a regular basis, so it was only a matter of time before they became hooked! D loves the football, more to do with pleasing his Dad than anything to start with, but now I think he actually enjoys it!

Music though is something that it isn’t often that parents and kids agree from what I understand! I have quite a mixed musical taste, having studied music until I was 18. I can listen to anything from Mozart to Motorhead, but usually somewhere in the middle. I suppose my musical love is late 70’s and 80’s music. It is the music of my teenage years, so holds an important place in my heart! I have the radio on most of the time when I’m in the house, as I love a mixture of songs – I don’t own an MP3 player, as I like someone else choosing the songs for me! I listen to our local commercial station Original fm –, which plays the type of music I really like. The boys are therefore used to listen to this sort of mix, especially when in the car and the kitchen – I can’t cook without tunes!

D is developing his own taste as far as music is concerned and it is quite a mix. He loves the music of Star Wars, but also enjoys Beethoven’s 5th, Gangam Style, and Depeche Mode! Quite a combination when he plays them back to back on his tablet!

M on the other hand still enjoys his Imagination Movers CD’s, and will ask for them to be played. They are actually kids music that has been written with the poor parent in mind, as they are quite upbeat tempos and styles, so it’s not too bad. I have been known to forget I have the CD on in the car after M has had it on, and am still singing along to it!!!

M does love to sing along to songs he knows, and it can be quite interesting as he makes up the words to fill in where he’s unsure of the proper lyrics! For Christmas last year they were given Lego Rock Band for the Wii, and the songs they like playing are the ones they hear on the radio. D can now to a perfect version of Summer of ’69, in his own unique style – I’m not sure it would be recognised by anyone connected to the original!!!

M has become a firm fan of Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams – It is fair to say, he loves this song. If it is on the radio, he will start singing it at full volume. D recently found Hubbys I-tunes list on the computer, and put on this track for M. We then heard it about 20 times in a row as they danced and sung about to it! I foolish showed them the video on You-tube. It got played I don’t know how many times after that.

Then last week, M announced he was Bryan Adams greatest fan, and I would be taking him to a concert! It was quite a bold statement from someone who finds noise and crowds a little disconcerting! I have checked and BA doesn’t appear to be touring here in the near future! I later found him at the computer looking at other BA videos. I think he was getting a new obsession. It is his first musical one so it makes a change from a movie we see repeatedly!

At the weekend, D found he could watch You-Tube on the telly via the Wii! Yes, you’ve guessed it, he went straight for Bryan Adams Summer of ’69.

Today the boys had their day sorted, spending it in the company of Mr Adams – something I’ve often thought I would like to do!!!!!! They cleared the living room and went to the You-Tube channel and then our morning of dancing began. We heard Summer of ’69 about a dozen times before being allowed to let it move on to other tracks. I must say I hadn’t realised how loud the telly went until this morning! We had a fantastic time, and I think got an amazing workout as we boogied about the room. I think I had as much fun as the boys! It was great! They were shattered by lunchtime.   Luckily Old-Person had to go to the dentist as we were bored of here tutting at us very quickly!

Has a solid 4 hours of Bryan Adams purged the obsession? Not likely. I think in fact it may have made it worse as M tells me if he meet Bryan – he’s now on first name terms with him now, he will ask him for his autograph!

Sometimes the obsessions of an autistic child can be really annoying to the point of the screaming inside my head may never stop if I ever see certain films again, but on the flip side of that, when an obsession is of something I love, it will either turn me from it or make me love it more. The boys and their new-found love with BA has helped me rediscovered music I love – I have seen him a few times in concert, including the summer of 1991 when he was #1 for forever!

I’m not looking forward to when they start discovering music of their own, and they become obsessed with things I don’t really understand, so I will just have to make the most of days like this!

In the mean time, I am enjoying the music! And if anyone knows Mr Adams, telling him #1 fan is an almost 8 yo boy with autism!!!

Anyone who is worried about me saying the kids are looking for things on the computer and especially you-tube, I assure you they are well supervised and only have access to things we let them get to. I would be too concerned to just let them run wild by themselves!


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