School Fund Saturation Point


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It’s a hard time for parents up and down the UK these days as government cuts to public spending really begin to bite, and people find their take home income being eroded almost by the day. To many families where every penny becomes a prisoner, they know that the odd pound here and there soon add up. But it would seem that UK schools – irrespective of where they are, and the demographics of their catchment area – are living in an economic bubble.

At our children’s school – and hundreds of others it seems – not a week goes by but kids are being asked for 50p here, 50p there for fair trade, charity projects. Then there’s the PTA at schools. No one is denying they do a great job – ours subsidises school trips, Christmas trip to the Panto and so on – but they also have their…

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  1. We have this exact same, selfish and narrow world view in our schools here in the US, as well. We happen to live in a low-income pocket of an extremely affluent suburb. I remember at one of my first PTA meetings a mom suggested that kids whose families didn’t pay up the $3 fee for classroom parties should be required to sit out in a separate area so they couldn’t participate. Even though I was a newbie I blasted her for her cruelty. My career as a PTA mom was pretty short lived…I found ways to help the school without having to work with people like that…but I was pretty unpopular with most of the parents at our school. It didn’t exactly break my heart.

    • Its a sad thing that people don’t get involved because of the closed mind attitude within these organisations. I actually left the school council because I dared to publicly speak out against something at the school, being made to feel if you don’t tow the line you’re not welcome. The fundraising the PSA does is amazing but it can get to saturation point.

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