My New Toy.


I don’t know about you but I love getting a new toy to play with.    As I have got older though, the toys I enjoy tend to be kitchen gadgets!

My kitchen cupboards are full of things, and my work surface is covered with various items, I just can’t live without!

In my opinion, a kitchen gadget has to be functional and not just a novelty item.     I have to need or want to use it.    Otherwise what’s the point?

Well, I have a new toy to play with.    A sausage maker.       It’s a very simple piece of kit, consisting of a large tube with a nozzle on one end and a handle crank on the other.     It’s not a complicated thing, but it has a purpose.

Today was the day to try it out, so last night I put the casings into soak.     I am not usually a squeamish sort of person, but I must admit by being a little freaked out by the intestines of a sheep flopping about in a bowl of water!

I did some research into what goes into a sausage for optimum flavour, and I might have been asking the meaning of life for all the different answers I was coming up with.     Sausages are a very personal thing, not just parts of the world, but to regions of each country.     Everyone has a banger!    It all seems to be a personal preference thing that can vary depending on the day of the week and the time of the day.     I did however find a really good website which is a mind of amazing recipes for making sausages out of all sorts of things – it’s well worth a look as you could make patties with the mixtures instead of sausages if you don’t have a machine.    I read a lot of the recipes and had my head spinning before making the sensible decision of going for a basic recipe to start with, and if that works, then I will move on and try some of the more adventurous ideas.

I decided on the American Farm sausage #1.    I did however use turkey mince rather than pork, just because that was all I had in the freezer!     This recipe adds bacon to the main meat, so there was a little fat to add moisture.

I mixed up all my ingredients, and assembled the machine.    Then came the most difficult part of the whole operation, threading the casings onto the nozzle.    It was fidley but I got there without ripping it!

I then began to crank the handle!


It was quite difficult to turn and catch at the same time!      I soon had a long sausage.   It had a few air bubbles in it, but I am sure with a little practise I will be able to get the speed right so that doesn’t happen.


I then had to work out how to make them into links.     I thought that would be easy, just give it a little twist, but the bit I wasn’t twisting decided it was objecting to this!    I did manage it, and again I think it’s a practise makes perfect thing.



After a couple of refills to the machine, I got them all done.   The last few I added some smoked cayenne to for Hubby, as he has to have everything with a little spice!

I am quite proud of my first attempt at doing this.       They kind of look like sausages if not a little deformed in places.     The most positive thing is that I know what is in them and with all the recent controversy about cheap end meat products that has to be a positive thing.

Would I try making them again?   Definitely!       I will be trying out different flavour combinations to see what works and what doesn’t for my fussy lot?!

Now, it would be irresponsible of me to serve these to my loved ones without doing a taste test, so this morning with my cuppa, instead of a biscuit, I had a sausage!


It was lovely and moist with a really good flavour, so if the others don’t like them, I guess I’ll be eating sausages all weekend!!!!!



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  1. I thought it was a cake icer! But how cool is a sausage maker. I am lucky I live across from a village shop that sells proper sausages, but I HATE going to someone’s barbecue and being given some crappy sausage full of fat and gunk 😦 That sounds ungrateful, but when you have eaten something so delicious as a proper sausage, there is no going back.

    Keep us updated of which flavours are best!

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