Health update.


I wanted to give a quick update on my recent health worries.

Firstly I want to thank everyone for their kind words, and good wishes, it was very kind of you.

After the heart scan last Friday, I have tried not to think about it. There was no point adding even more stress to the already potentially negative situation.
Yesterday, I had a phone call yesterday from my doctor’s surgery. It was to give me my test results. Instantly I knew it was nothing to worry about as it was a secretary and not the actual doctor phoning!

I was right. The scan showed no signs of any damage or problems at all. I was and am relieved!

I have an appointment to see the doctor next week, when I am hoping he will re-refer me to get my tonsils removed, as I would love to get this done before winter hits. I am just hoping he is agreeable about this.

All I can conclude from this whole experience is that they need to take white coat syndrome more seriously. I said to the doctor when he asked if I knew of any reason why my blood pressure was high that I had a problem with being at the doctors. It even says on my notes that I get stressed by the whole medical environment. Yet, it is ignored and one is made to feel silly for feeling like this. It’s not a myth and it’s definitely no joke when you feel your heart pounding and your hands go all clammy – and that’s just making the appointment!    I know they had to check everything for my safety and to cover their own backs, but just think of the money wasted by putting me through all this.

I am very happy to know my heart is not about to conk out. I am now happy to get back to exercising as I was worried about adding extra strain during this process!

Thank you again to everyone who sent good wishes!


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  1. Must have been a great relief – really pleased for you.

    My mum’s mentioned the thing about her blood pressure being higher sometimes at the doc than it is at home. It’s not just a nebulous thing that you can wish away, being more stressed at the doctor. You are worried about your health after all. So being in a medical environment is bound to make you more stressed.

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