Negative politicians.


With a year to the revolution, sorry I mean vote on Scottish Independence, I find myself wanting to talk politics.    Not something I want to do very often.    Its nothing deep or about party politics, its more about the way politicians present themselves to the likes of me, Joe Public.

I am the type of person that while I understand that the decisions made by politicians effect everything we do in our lives, I am just not that interested in the mechanics of it.      It’s not like we have any characters in parliament that make you interested to see their antics.   Instead they are faceless people who whatever party they say they represent all seem to look and sound the same.

The talk of Independence for Scotland though has got more people being open about their views.    It suddenly seems acceptable to voice an opinion where it has always been the attitude of it is a private matter before.

I wish politics were more positive.     Why don’t they tell us what they will do more often, rather than telling us what the other blokes wont do?     All the negativity seems so…… negative, if you know what I mean.

This is really my main problem with the debate going on at the moment, and I do use the term debate very loosely.

The question we will be asked on this date next year, is a simple yes or no to Scotland breaking away.     At the moment though the mud-slinging between both sides on this argument seem to make the ordinary citizen  uncomfortable.   Personally, at the moment, I just wish there was an option for devo-max which would mean not having to pick the bones looking for the facts.

The Yes side seem to be saying its all about getting rid of the evil English.   While the No side only focus on the point do we want to be led by Mr Salmon.      Neither argument is winning my vote there.

I need facts and information to make an informed decision.       The vote cast by the residents of Scotland next year will affect millions of people, and not just those living in Scotland.     It is a huge responsibility, and one that has to be taken with cold hard facts and not with school yard type bickering.

I need to know what will happen to my children’s support under independence.       D has been awarded DLA until he leaves school, but how will that be effected should the split go ahead.     M has it for another 4 years, how will reapplying be affected?       It is things like this that I need to know about.    On the ground things that make a difference to my family.

There is so much that needs to be discussed with the ordinary citizen that seems to be being forgotten as they argue will oil last for 30 years or more.

Which ever way the vote goes, there are worries in the consequences.       As an English person who has chosen to make her home here, I have suffered abuse because of the place of my birth.   When I managed a bakery and coffee shop in the city centre when I first moved here, I was given verbal abuse on a daily basis, sometimes it was meant in a light-hearted way, others there was pure venom in it.       I personally don’t understand the need to put someone down just because of where they were born.     A positive about separation would be that it would become racist rather than regionalist!       Some people however think its acceptable.      Hubbys Mum is very anti-English, and I do take great pleasure in pointing out to her that three generations ago her family was English, and two generations back mine was Scottish!      You see, it’s never as simple as it might first appear.

I am not trying to say I think people should or shouldn’t vote whichever way they feel is the right thing to do.    That is as long as they are able to make an informed decision, and not one based on inbreed hatred.

I am hoping that sooner rather than later the people who want to take us forward start going more into what is really going to make a difference to our lives.    I will keep reading and hoping to get answers to the things that matter to my family, because only then can I put my mark on the paper.    At the moment there just doesn’t seem to be enough positive information either way.

Oh well, 12 more months and it will be over.     Oh no, I forgot, then the real nastiness starts whichever way the vote goes!


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  1. It’s a shame. You’d think with so little faith in politics, politicians would seize the initiative to say – let’s really talk and re-engage people with the issues.

    My ex-partner grew up in Scotland and I was shocked to hear the tales of anti-English bullying that went on in school. It made me feel sick. It’s such a contrast to Scotland being a beautiful place. I guess that beauty might be one of the reasons you chose to make your home there?

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