Doctor Who cakes.


It is always nice when a nice person does something nice for you.

This morning, I was in the school playground when one of D’s wee girlfriends came up to me and pushed a bag into my hand.      Inside was a packet with Doctor Who dusting set.   I was a little perplexed!


Her Mum – who I met when pregnant with M, her daughter is a day older than him, said she saw them and thought of me. Now, I’m not sure if I should be pleased or offended that she saw a Sontaran, and thought of me. Anyway I have far too much hair to be Field Commander Styre! For anyone who doesn’t know what he looks like, just Google Doctor Who baddies!

I had seen these and a lot of other great Doctor Who cake items in the recent sales catalogue from Lakeland – . Whenever that book comes in the post, I look through it and mentally spend an absolute fortune! Oh to be rich enough to follow it through!

I have never used dusting stencils before, so I thought I’d just have to play with them.


I therefore made some cupcakes and then thought how to go about using the stencils. There were of course no instructions on the packet they came in. They probably assume if you buy these sort or thing you know what to do with them!

I went for chocolate icing on the cakes and decided to use icing sugar for the dusting.

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I am sure with a little practice it will become easier. I think I ended up being heavy-handed.    I think you can kind of make out what they are meant to be!  Just remember not to blink as you look at the weeping angel!


M was really impressed with them when he came home at lunchtime. That is other than he thought the Cyberman looked more like Darth Vader! Maybe Hubby and I really shouldn’t have embedded our love of Sci-Fi onto our children!

Anyway, I think these will be a good excuse to make more cupcakes!!      Thank you very much Mrs S for giving them to me!


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  1. Lovely post! All children should be taught to love sci-fi, especially Dr Who😄 we can’t believe we’ve been watching it for fifty years! Grew up on it and still get excited about a new episode, sad huh! The cakes look great by the way!

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