Little Chef!


Yesterday was one of those days when I didn’t know who would be going to eat tea, so I did what any sensible person would do, and decided to do a fry up.     It has to be the easiest thing to adjust numbers on as you go without ruining the end result.

Now, will you stop shouting at me about the diet.     I know a traditional fry up has to be the most unhealthy thing in the world – ever, but with a few tweaks it can reduce the impact slightly.

Now the reason I wasn’t sure who would be eating was because both Hubby and I had dental appointments.   Mine was in the afternoon, but I was having a root canal done – or rather I was meant to, but he has drilled it, and packed it as it is too infected and I have to go back next week.        Hubbys was at 5pm, so he went there straight from work.    He was having a crown prep done, so by the time he got home, he was feeling very sorry for himself!

The boys love a fry up.    I think with M it is because it is food that by its very nature is on separate parts of the plate, and he doesn’t like touching food unless he is totally happy with what it is.      D I believe likes it because it always looks like you are having more than you actually are, by the time you have a bit of every thing.

D asked if he could help me cook.     He loves helping, and I must say he is very good – as is M who is a whizz with a potato peeler.       We went into the kitchen, and D made me laugh when he stated the first job before we even washed our hands was to switch the radio on as it is impossible to cook without good tunes!!!!!      I believe by this statement, I have trained him well!

We then went about cooking tea, or did we have a maths lesson, or did we make it a science session, well, in fact it was all three.    I am a huge believe in passive learning.    I think with D and his constant need to be given information, I tend to look at everything in a way to pass on knowledge to him.

The sausages and bacon were put onto trays in the oven, after D had done his sums to work out how many of each we needed if everybody took a certain amount.      He watched with fascination as the bacon curled and we talked about how the heat was effecting it.

He then did his work out as he struggled with the tin opener to get the beans.      I have a problem with the thing, so it impresses me that he manages it.        I keep threatening to get a new one, but it leaves a smooth edge so is less dangerous when I am getting help.

He then went off and set the table, while things cooked.

It was my turn to do some work now, and I cooked the eggs.     You can’t beat a fried egg cooked so the white is set but the yolk is lovely and runny.       Again, done the healthy way, in the only non-stick pan I have ever owned that is actually non-stick, so no added oil!

D cooked the toast while I did the eggs, but came over and touched the side of the pan – asking about the transfer of heat.     He screamed, and then calmly walked tot he bathroom to run his finger under the cold tap!      I was very impressed with the way he knew how to take the pain away and just got on with it.

We enjoyed our meal – Hubby wasn’t up for eating, and there wasn’t a morsel left.

I am so pleased the boys love to help around the house, as I believe it will stand them in good steed for later in life if they can cook something as simple as a fry-up or hopefully with some experience a little more impressive!

My Little Chef did good!


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  1. I had one of those evenings – slept for two hours after work. But my fry up was not as sophisticated as yours – basically oven chips, eggs and beans.

    Cooking with kids and doing things with kids is great for just being together too, never mind the skills they learn.

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