I have a real problem with the idea of homework. I am understanding the need to develop the skill of independent learning but at the age the boys are they seem to get an awful lot.
When the boys are constantly raving about the DVDs they watch in class and the extra playtime it does make me think about how much work is being done!
But both boys are achieving academically so they must be squeezing in some learning!
M hates homework with a passion. He really can’t get his head around the idea of doing school work at home. It can be a real battle field trying to get it done. Luckily the majority of it is set at the start of the week so we do a timetable of what we will do each day. This at least means he knows what he is expected to do. He still dislikes his reading but understands so many pages each night gets the passages finished by the end of the week. The problem is they are now getting weekend reading and this totally messes with his head as weekend reading has always been something fun he has chosen, usually the story from his magazine. We will have to ride the arguments on this.
D is very conscientious. He loves learning so usually rushes through his homework with no problem. However when he is in one of his moods, it’s easier to just put it away until he’s ready to concentrate. The problem with that is it will often lead to a new panic as he thinks he will get into trouble for not completing his tasks! Yesterday he told me something really exciting him had happened at school. He told me his teacher had promised them 100 pages of maths homework next week. He is so excited by the prospect, even though we have told him we believe it is a joke, he thinks it will happen. His teacher won’t be popular with him if he doesn’t get it. One can only imagine she was threatening the class when she said it!
Tonight though is spellings for both of them. They worked out a long time ago that if they write their spellings the night before their test they are fresher in their heads!
So heads down as they do battle with pushing spellings into their little grey cells!


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  1. Yes it is very unfortunate if someone fixes on the idea of school work being for school and home being for home. Glad to hear the boys are achieving though. And I remember being excited about pages of maths at school. Of course there’s that joke that all of us mathematicians are on the ASD spectrum….

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