Pamper Day.


Today i celebrated my birthday.    OK, technically, my birthday was 6 weeks ago, but today was the day to celebrate it!

Hubby had given me a voucher for a spa treatment, and so off we went to Malmassion in Aberdeen to be pampered.

We first went there last year after I had won a £500 voucher to spend within the Malmassion chain.     We had thought about a weekend away, but couldn’t get dates that suited, and so we opted to use it in the spa, and restaurant.     We had several amazing  meals and a few spa pamper sessions.    We even treated the old people to a spa treatment, expecting them to find fault with at least something, but they loved it, and have been back again!      It was quite a disappointment when we had used up all the money on the voucher.

Today though was something we had been looking forward to.

M of course decided he had to come home for lunch today, and had a mega meltdown when told we were going to have some adult time.    He did everything he could to try to disrupt our plans, to the point that Hubby took him into class to explain his foul mood to his teacher!

We headed off after dropping off the boys, and stopped for coffee and a bacon roll for breakfast on the way.      Very nice it was too!

After driving around the block, we finally found a parking space, and we were truly into our grown up time!

I know the physical environment of these places is meant to make you feel relaxed as soon as you entered but the low-level lighting, that is also at floor level,  takes my eyes a while to grow use to!

We then went to the changing rooms to undress. Now, I know I’m a big person, but the robes are positively tiny! They barely cover my modesty, so its breath in and pull the belt tightly, and hope it stays hold until we get to the treatment room.

After changing I headed to the relaxation area to wait for Hubby. While there I began my relaxation on the massage chair. I am so going to get one of those when I win the lottery! Hubby joined me after a while. A short time later two young ladies appeared and showed us to the room.

We were individually talked through what we wanted out of the massage. There was only one thing for me, and that was to feel relaxed. She therefore chose a lavender based oil to use on me.

Then it all began.

The body brush felt SO good. You can’t beat a good scratch, can you?!

Then came the pummeling. Boy did the girl doing it have power in her hands and arms, as she pushed, pulled, and generally manipulated me. It hurt like mad at some points but felt so good at the same time. When she had finished she said the muscles in my neck felt very knotted, but everything else was OK. I’m not surprised she said that, as that was the place that really hurt as she worked it.

I think the nicest part of it was the head massage as that really was relaxing.

When all was done we were given a glass of water and told to make sure we were rehydrating ourselves.

It was a fabulous couple of hours that didn’t really last long enough!!!

Afterwards we went out for lunch which was lovely.

It was then back to reality with a bump, as we had to rush back for the school pick up.

Now I feel really tired, but I have to fight through homework, and feed the troops. All I want to do is go to bed!

Oh well I enjoyed my grown up few hours, and look forward to maybe doing it again next year.


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