Dragon administrator!


Disorganisation annoys me!

Disorganisation from organisations that should know better makes me so angry!

Let me fill you in as to why I am feeling like this today.

Way back at the end of May, I had an ECG following very high blood pressure readings when I went for my assessment to have my tonsils removed. Following from the results of the ECG, my Doctor decided I needed to have a heart scan to see what was going on as there were signs of possible damage. I was scared stiff at the thought of this – what would happen to my boys if I wasn’t about to look after them being the highest worry on my list! My GP said there was nothing immediate to worry about and to carry on as normal. About a week later, I received a letter, about my scan, and it was to be 9 September at 11.15am – today! Having to wait so long for the scan, actually put my mind at rest. Might sound a little odd, but if the doctors had been really worried, surely I wouldn’t have had to wait so long – that’s my logic on it anyway!

I hadn’t given it too much thought until turning over the calendar and looking at what was on this month. Maybe this is where my dark mood was coming from last week. Anyway, it has been worrying me. I am a worrier anyway, and as I’m not good with health care professionals, I always think of the worst! It’s just the way I am.

Hubby has been working at home today, and so I asked if he could come with me. The appointment was at the local hospital, just 10 miles from here. I had to arrange for M to stay at school for lunchtime, as Monday is his usual come home day. He wasn’t happy at changing his plans.

We drove down there, and I felt quiet, as I was worried about what would come of the day. When I went to reception, I was told I wasn’t on the list, but to go and take a seat anyway. Not a good start! We sat and waited for a good ten minutes before a doctor came and talked to me, in the middle of the waiting room – ok there was only one other person there other than us, but still not professional. He said he was doing a heart study but I wasn’t part of it, so I had to try to explain by case history. All the time I was talking to him, he was chewing gum, and boy did it look horrible. He went off to get someone else. I then went through the whole thing again with a nurse. She took my full name and date of birth and said she would find out what was happening. Another 5 minutes pass before someone who I can only describe as a very rude lady appears. She addressed me by my surname, no salutation. This level of rudeness took me aback. She then said my appointment was actually on Thursday 13th. When Hubby asked her which month, she aggressively barked this and when it was pointed out, that the 13th was Friday, her tone actually got worse if that was possible. I told her that my letter had stated the 9th, and she all but called me a liar because I hadn’t taken my letter with me. She said I should take my letter, on Friday to see who has got it wrong! Her attitude was dire, and not one we should expect. I thought this sort of administrator within the NHS was a thing of the past. Obviously not!

I came away from there almost in tears, I was so angry and upset by her attitude, and by the fact someone had messed up when my letter had been sent out. If there is a problem with my heart do I really need this additional stress? I think not.

I will now have to wait until Friday to see what is going on inside my chest, but by then, I know I will be in a real state after all this messing about.

I also have the great task of telling M messing him about today was for no reason, and I have to do the same again on Friday!!!

Ho hum!


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  1. Very sorry you’re having to deal with this kind of #$%$#. I’m finding recently that more businesses/organizations are like this than not. And medical staff too often seem to think they’re born with the right to be hostile and rude. Thinking of you as you have to deal with this week of waiting. -Amy

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