The blackboard.


I like to think of myself as an organised person as far as time keeping is concerned.     In fact, bad time keeping really winds me up.     I think it is very disrespectful to be late.    I would rather be somewhere ten minutes early than ten seconds late.

I get quiet annoyed at school when some kids roll up late constantly.     Now I am generalizing here as I am sure there are often mitigating circumstances for some children, such as young carers, but when I see the same children wandering up to school without a worry that me and the other parents are walking back after waiting for the second bell, then I get concerned about the life lesson they seem not to be learning.

Don’t get me started on how annoying it is on the days the teachers don’t come out until late to take their lines in because it would only be getting myself into trouble!

As a manager, i disciplined more people for bad time keeping than for any other reason.     It messes up any place of employment for people to roll in when they feel like it – unless of course they have sanctioned flexi-time.

So, good time keeping is something the boys have had drilled into them, and they are right to be proud of never having a late mark at school.

In the kitchen is the heart of what keeps us where and when we should be.    The calendar.     We have one of those ones with different columns for different people and it pretty much works on the system of, if it’s not on the calendar it doesn’t happen!      Notes come home from school, gets written straight up, football fixtures, written straight up, etc.    You get the idea.   The calendar is the hub of organisation.

The boys know everything is written on here and know to look at it, but despite having to write the date on every piece of school work, get confused about where we are on the calendar.

Both boys like to know what they are doing and when.   They don’t need visual timetables, but do need either real or mental lists to tick off.      About a year ago, I discovered blackboard  paint and suddenly we had a way of highlighting what and when.    I started by painting a small area on the kitchen wall, and soon extended it to cover one small wall.      The tin of paint was relatively expensive but it has  lasted for many re-paints and touching ups!

Now you  might be thinking a black wall would look quite dark and imposing, but to be honest it is constantly covered in writing and that is what is seen.

I write a rolling Calender for the coming week, of who, where, when, and what. The boys know to look at it to check what’s going on. It works really well for us. I also have an area for my to do list, as well as one to scribble down things to add to the shopping list.

This idea might not work for many but for us who need more than the Calender but less than visual timetables it works perfectly.


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  1. Brilliant! Our kitchen is tiny so I had to settle for a dry erase board on the fridge, and every day I wrote the daily schedule up the night before. It saved us from forgetting important events and appointments many times! -Amy

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