It’s all about the party bag!


D was invited to a birthday party this morning. It was for a boy who was in his class year. He was really excited because it was at a soft play centre about 20 miles from here.

M of course was not happy that he hadn’t got an invitation, as he loves going there. The fact that he doesn’t know the boy was a point he wasn’t wanting to accept. If D was getting to go then so should he. It was M logic. We therefore told him if he was good, we would take him down with us, and pay for him to play, as long as he understood, he wouldn’t get to go in for the party food. He was very agreeable at this idea.

This morning, I think M was more excited than D! D wrote the card, and I must say, I am very impressed with the confidence he now has when he is writing things. M will still tell me to write it for him, even though I refuse and say that its him going to a party so the least he can do is write a card!

I think it is quite difficult to buy presents for 6 year olds that you don’t know too well. They believe they are all grown up, but it’s not too deep down that their true nature as kids is evident. I therefore got the child a couple of small gifts. I got a set of Toy Story blendy pens – what kid, old or young doesn’t love Toy Story?, and also a construction kit. I just hope they are suitable for the boy.

When we got to the party, D ran off with the other children, and was not seen again until he was desperate for a drink, sweat pouring from him!!! M was off playing but by himself. When the party children went off for food, M came to where we were sitting and we got him a hotdog and chips. It was devoured with great enjoyment!

All was going well for M being there but not part of the party. That was until then end of the fun. The kids that had attended the party went off to put their shoes back on, and collect their party bags. M went mad as he wasn’t getting a party bag. Reasoning with him that he wasn’t part of the party was pointless. He wanted booty and he wanted it now! Luckily the café sold a huge array of pokes of sweeties, and I managed to persuade him that a bag of sweets was as good as a party bag any day! He went to look at what was on offer and make his choice while I went to check on D.

I was really proud again of D who after being given his bag went over to the birthday boys Mum and waited for her to finish talking to someone before thanking her for inviting him. I love the fact that he sees that as the right thing to do, and it has been commented on by other parents that for a boy who doesn’t communicate well he always makes sure he says thank you. It is definitely a proud Mummy moment.

On the way home in the car, D was showing M what was in the party bag, and it was obvious he was still a little put out by the whole thing. However without prompting, D says to M that if he shared his sweets, then D would share what was in the bag. This degree of co-operation is something that doesn’t happen too often, so it is lovely to see when it does happen!

I have said it before, that the contents of a party bag can make or break a child’s view of a party. This one almost caused a major sibling upset, but the contents were great for sharing. Peace rained!

For a short while any way!!!!


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