School progress


We have now finished two weeks of the school year and so we can see the areas of focus that we need to concentrate on to be able to make life easier for the boys, the school, and last and least, us.

Because M has the same teacher that he had towards the end of the last academic year he seems to have settled into a routine much quicker than previous years. Having said that, he can often be calm up until Christmas and then loose it at the start of January so I’m not counting my chickens yet! All I can say is he has a teacher he has a lot of respect for and that is half the battle won. We have had a couple of minor incidents of him getting nippy with out children because he’s been unable to concentrate. Once he hit a child and the other he kicked the boys scooter in the playground -apparently he scratched it by kicking it, so not so good.
After school yesterday his teacher came out with him to tell me it was nothing to worry about but he was now going to be has sessions both with the SEN teacher and in the additional needs hub. To me this is not something to worry about but a positive step. It means they are addressing areas he needs support and giving it to him. Lack of support has long been my bug bear so I am very pleased with this development. He has previously had time with the SEN teacher and really loved this time so he is happy to be going with her. The hub is a newish area within the school and a facility that is so needed. One of the teachers in there is his former P1 job share teachers and she was very good with him, seeing him as a child with difficulties and not a difficult child. He is pleased to be with her again as she is someone he is comfortable and confident with.
One major development this term is M has decided to stay at school for lunchtime 4 days a week. It is a major development as we have had real problems getting him to stay previously. He has Lego club on one lunchtime but the others he has to keep himself out of mischief. I ask him who he plays with and he either says nobody or mentions a girl who is the year below him. Hopefully the longer he stays the more he will see social interactions he might be able to copy. I can always hope its good behaviour and not the bad he copies but boys will be boys!
All in all then M has started in a positive vain.

D on the other hand hasn’t settled so quickly. He doesn’t want to be in school despite loving his teacher – apparently she is cool because she likes Star Wars and Doctor Who! After some worry about why he didn’t want to go, one parent said their child was uncomfortable with the noise level in the class and then, bam it made sense for D. Last year he would often comment on how it annoyed him when people were talking when they were meant to be working, and woe betide anyone with bad timekeeping for they would suffer the wrath of D. It is a large class he is in and it is open plan with other class so there is a great deal of background noise. We will give him some time to get used to it before talking to his teacher because the reality is he’s not going to get silence to concentrate however much he wants it.
He is enjoying the actual work which is really good. He is such a sponge though that he loves learning. While he is stimulated he is calm so its good he loves the work.

All in all things have started well. Long may it continue!


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