Decorating done!


Hubby is back to the office today, so I have got on with the decorating.

The paper went up quite easily, so other than the prating about lining up the pattern, it went well.

I must say I do like it even more up than I did on the roll!

Next week I will get on with painting the ceiling, but the walls are now finished!

Now when people walk past and look in the window, they will no longer have to think we are lazy for not decorating the room in all these years, instead they can think, goodness what loud paper!

There are two things my Dad thought me about decorating, and I will impart my huge knowledge to you!

Firstly, its always best to buy too much wallpaper than run out and have a half finished wall!

Secondly, always keep some wallpaper paste in a screw top jar once you have finished decorating, because there will always be a seam that needs re-sticking in a couple of weeks!

I am proud of myself for getting it done so quickly! That is after such a long wait to start it! I just need to keep my momentum and keep the house remodelling going.


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