Another thing I have baked today is Ciabatta. Again I am going to upset the purest with how I make it. Any of you who have seen any of my recipes before, know that I like to find an easy way to do any thing. If there is a hard way, I have probably tried it, and tweaked it until I find a way to do it in the most simplest way.

Now, before you decide not to read any more of this, because making bread is too hard and too time consuming, it isn’t!

Yes, if I counted the time from start to finish for this bread, it has taken 18 hours, but of that, I have probably only been attending the dough for half an hour! Please therefore think about trying it before you write off the idea all together.

This will make 2 nice sized loaves.

400g bread flour
7 g fast – acting yeast
2 tabs Olive oil ( flavour ed if you want a different bread)
7 g salt

Mix half the flour and half the yeast with 200ml cold water. It will be a thick batter.
Cover with cling film and leave at room temperature over night.
This will become a frothy glob by the morning.
Add the rest of the flour, and yeast, and the oil, salt and 100 ml cold water.
This is much easier on a mixer.
Mix for 15 minutes until its rather stringy. It will be a very sticky dough, so don’t add any more flour.
Oil 2 2l plastic tubs with lids – these we will use to prove and shape the bread.
When the dough has mixed split between the two tubs – I usually weigh it to get it even, but make sure you’re hands are well floured or you will be smothered!
Put the lids on and forget about it for a couple of hours.
Grease 2 baking sheets and dust with semolina.
When the dough is almost filling the tubs gently tip out onto the baking trays – do this very carefully so as not to loose too much of the air you’ve got.
Dust the top with semolina, and allow to sit for about 10 minutes.
Bake for 30 minutes at 220c.


You see not too much effort involved, just the patience to do it. Probably one reason I don’t make this more is having to be organised enough to think about doing it the day before!

Hubby is always surprise when he eats it that its got a lovely crusty, but the inside is lovely and chewy.

Don’t be afraid! Give it a go!


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