Baking Day.



The momentum of the decorating has gone down a gear as Hubby has been working from home for two day.      Rather than start something new in the house, I have decided to have a baking day today.

I have made a ginger shortbread, which the shortbread purists out there will be screaming at me about, but we have to think a healthy version of a traditional recipe.

The original recipe was one my Mum had removed from a magazine many decades ago, and kept in her recipe file.    I have made it this way, and then tweaked it to make it less bad without loosing the flavour.

Mix together –  4oz plain flour, 4oz fine oatmeal, 4oz soft brown sugar (this I substitute for artificial sweetener so check what the equivant usage is on the one you use), 1 heaped tsp ground ginger (I sometimes use cinnomon), ¼tsp baking powder.     
Make sure they are well combined before grating in 6oz butter (or lower fat hard marg).
Gently mix the butter through the dry ingredients.
Do not squash it together, it should be a powdery mix.
Tip into a 8″ loose bottom tin (if you don’t use a loose bottom its really difficult to remove).    Push down gentle.
Bake for 45 mins at 180c
When it comes out let it sit for a couple of minutes before cutting ( its much easier to do while still hot).

This is a really cumbly shortbread, so be prepared for crumbs!    It is however totally delicious both healthy way and traditional.     Changing the spice can really change it.   Also, use more or less spice to taste, as what’s in the recipe isn’t very strong.   

If you try it, I hope you enjoy it!


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  1. This sounds delicious! And with a three-day weekend coming up in the States, I’m really looking forward to a baking day myself, so I think I’ll try it. I always have trouble, though, figuring out the measurement conversions – we use cups rather than ounces, and math makes my head hurt! 🙂
    -Amy at

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