Hidden family history


Stripping the wallpaper I found this treasure.

It is a snap shot into what was happening in our lives 8 years ago.

When I was younger, my Dad always made us sign the walls when he decorated and write something about our daily lives. It was just something we always did. A few years back, the people who bought our house, contacted us via the next door neighbour to say they had uncovered some amazing messages when decorating. I wish they had taken pictures of them before painting away memories of my childhood.

My boys were fascinated by the writing on the wall and insisted on adding their own. Only fair. They spent most of last evening drawing and writing messages to their future selves. They were very good and listened when I said it was only the bare wall they could write on. I just hope they remember that when the new paper goes up.

Who knows, in 40 years time someone may be reading about the childhood of M & D!


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  1. 10 years ago we lived in a different house. It was 110 years old, and we did some serious remodeling. I took pictures (you know, the kind you had to develop!) of the house before we did the remodel. I put them in a bag with a letter and put them in the wall so that someday someone can find them.

    So cool you did the letter!

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