Those of you that have followed me for a while might remember that one of my aims for the year was to do some work to spruce the house up.    We have lived here over 11 years and have done very little to it – one of the major pitfalls of moving into a house that was beautifully decorated!

I did Old Persons room just before the summer holidays, and to be honest, that is the sum total of the work I have done this year!

Bad Jane for not doing as she said!

I have therefore decided I must get my bum in gear and get on with it if I am to at least say I have done something this years.

The most obvious room to start is our dining room.    We had it built on as an extension shortly after we moved into the house, as I really like having a separate one rather than eating in the kitchen all the time.      It is open plan to the living room, and so it is a room that is not just used for eating, but the boys do their homework there, Hubby when working from home uses it, and every other conceivable time.     I can’t imagine how we would work our space without it!     When it was built we slapped some paint and paper up with the view of doing it properly when we could – I was heavily pregnant with M at the time!     Of course, 8 years later, and we have done nothing more to it than when it was first built.

That is until today!

I striped out the table and chairs – old person has been on cleaning duty of those (the most she has done in the house for as long as I can remember), and I set about the rest of it!

I had bought the wallpaper I liked a while back – there is only one large wall, two sides are windows half way and the other is the arch into the living room.     the paper has a background of yellow with a large paisley style pattern in blue (it looks better than it sounds, honest!).     I wasn’t too sure what to do with the area below the windows.     The paper I have bought is very bold, so I think it is just going on the one wall.     When I was looking for a border for old persons room, I saw a lovely one that I thought I could use in the dining room, but instead of using it the traditional way, I have used it like panelling up and down.    It looks really effective.   Sometimes I just amaze myself when a potentially silly idea actually works!!!

The window ledges and the arch way have been cleaned and varnished this morning, and are looking quite fresh – the house though is feeling quite cold as al the windows and doors are open because even though it is low odour, it still has quite a pong to it.       I used one of the packs from Ronseal that has a sponge applicator with it, and I must say it was so much easier and definitely quicker than using a brush, especially along the coving of the dado rail.    I just hope it is dry before the boys get home, as I know fingers will be straight on it!!!!

My next task is to sort out all the rubbish under the computer table and the craft drawers that the turtle tank sits on.     Until I have sorted these, I can’t strip the main wall.     I imagine I will be filling the paper recycling bucket with all the bits and pieces I will find here as the boys do have a habit of keeping everything they draw.

The ceiling is slightly angled in the room, and kind of flows into the top of the windows.   There is therefore some odd areas, that I will have to paint with the ceiling.     I have decided rather than brilliant white, to go with a very pale blue colour.     I think if I did it white, some areas would just look like I had forgotten to decorate them.

The floor has laminate flooring on it, in a colour that is too light for my liking – it’s quite yellowy, so I will eventually redo that.     I think there is something quite satisfying about doing flooring as you achieve a lot in a relatively short space of time!!!!!    This though is not a high priority, and if it gets done that’s good, but if not then its no immediate big deal.

Right then, I had better get back to it before I loose my motivation.


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  1. About your innovative wallpaper idea: Good for you for trying something “unheard of!” I think “off the wall” (pun intended) decorating often turns out to be the best. Our basement, which is our family room, has nasty 1970’s paneling around the bottom half of 3/4 of the walls. When I decided to try and make it slightly less disgusting by painting that paneling, quite a few people told me it couldn’t be done and I’d be sorry. But it worked perfectly and I actually like how our basement looks now. So there, nay-sayers! 🙂 -Amy at

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