Poorly boy?


D has a cold.

He has already learned that the slightest sniffle is potentially fatal.     I had previously believed that man-flu was something the male of the species learned to have when they realised they could get extra attention and sympathy.   It appears I am wrong!

After the first day back to school last week D was complaining about a sore throat.     There was no sign of anything, it wasn’t even red, so I put it down to mixing with large groups of kids again.       To be honest, I am surprised kids aren’t unwell more often.     When you look at them, they are all about the same height, and so one breathes germs, they are all likely too, and let’s think about it, we teach our kids to wash their hands at certain times such as coughing into them, or after blowing their noses, but how many of them actually do it every time without reminders?       Schools are a bed of potential fomites!

So D carried on complaining about his throat, but it didn’t stop him screaming and making a horrible growling sound that he does when he doesn’t get his own way.     Now, when my throat is playing up, that last thing I want to be doing is talking and making strange noises!

By Friday, though, he had developed a cough.      Still no sign of anything in this throat, and his temperature was normal.    He was given paracetamol though, just to be on the safe side.

He was his usual lively self over the weekend.

That is other than Saturday night.   He was restless, and his cough was going on, and on.    About 3am he gets up.     I followed him through to the bathroom to check he was alright.      The first thing he said to me was “If I’m sick, I wont have to go to school on Monday!”       Quite a statement at anytime of the day, but at that hour made me worry.    why should he be trying not to go to school after just a week.     I put him back to bed, and he eventually settled down.

I tried to talk to him yesterday, to see why he was thinking about getting out of school.    He says nothing is wrong, and that is a positive thing.    He isn’t a good liar about big things, only about if he’s hit his brother!        He has been told that if there is something the matter he can always talk to us at home, or his teacher – but I’m not sure she has been allowed into his trust yet.

This morning when it was time to get ready for school, he was on major delay mode.    In the end, I had to dress him, and pack his bag just to get him organised and out of the house.    The journey up the hill took even longer than usual, as he was too ill to walk any faster!     When we got there, he stood in his line looking like thunder.     I again asked him if he was alright, and all he would say is his throat hurt.      I have had no call from the school, so I imagine he has settled.

Now, I know all kids try to get out of school, but I think he is taking it to a new level when he tries it on after just one week.      I can only hope that if it is a bug he has it clears up swiftly and he gets his head back in the right place.    If it is more than that, then I can only wait for him to be ready to talk about it.



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