Dance Classes.


Today the classes the boys love resumed.   They are dance classes at The Deeside Dance Centre –

Every weekend during the school holidays the boys have asked if there was dancing.     All I could answer them was that I hoped it was restarting when the new school term started.    Last year they went every weekend.

Then I had an email from Sue the lovely lady at SCILLS Deeside –    SCILLS is a small charity based in Banchory, and thanks to funding from Comic Relief, they organise the dance classes.

M loves dancing, and will prance about at every opportunity.    He has great rhythm, and I think he would benefit from proper dance lessons, but whilst he would like to do them, he is worried about being the only boy in a class of girls – give it a few years and that would surely be a very positive thing.      I may well make enquiries about lessons to see if I can book him in for a trial and present the idea to him as a done deal.      I think if he could experience the learning environment he would get a lot out of it.

D on the other hand, lumbers about, but despite some of the comments we have had from various people, including those whose care we have left him in, he loves being on the go.   He is never still, and so dance gives him the freedom of movement where he can express himself.    I just wish those that have criticized his effort could see the enjoyment he gets from this.

The classes at Deeside Dance Centre, are great because they are specifically for children with additional support needs.     There are only 8 children in the group, and of course my boys are the only boys!    They do a mixture of dance and what was called music and movement when I was at school.      They use various props such as scarves and today was feathers!     From outside the dance studio, it always sounds very loud, and like the kids are having great fun.    There is one teacher and two older girls helping the class.      They must have the patience of Job as at various points different children stick their heads out to check on the parents who are having a gossip and drinking coffee!!

The classes are done in six-week blocks and at the end of that, we are allowed in to witness what they have done during the term.      It is great to see them all having the chance to express themselves in a safe environment where nobody is noticing their differences.

It is a bit of a cross-country drive for us to get there, but it is so worth while because the boys gain so much from it.    I think it is not just the dance that is important to the boys, but meeting other children with different problems to their own.       It is good to see a group of children who just accept each other rather than judging.

The boys love the classes and it is great they have somewhere to release their energy at the weekend.


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