Back to School.


Today is the day!

Freedom is here!!

Sorry, I shouldn’t really sound so happy about the first day of the term, but I just can’t help it!

The boys having been craving for this day for at least the last couple of weeks.   They need the routine.   They need to know where they should be and what they should be doing.      Add to that, they need the mental stimulation to help them channel their energies.

Last night was the first test about returning to routine.     Over the holidays, they have had some late nights watching movies, but last night we were determined they had to get organised and to bed at a sensible hour.    They had a special treat tea, of a fish supper from the local chippy.    It was demolished with great excitement, and then it was into the bath.      D loves wallowing so it was an effort to get him to scrub, but one clean boy emerged before the dirty one went in.    M hates washing his hair.    He doesn’t mind getting it wet, but putting the shampoo on has him having fits.      Unfortunately I had to upset him and insist it was done as he had his hair trimmed – cutting M’s hair is a nightmare, I do it for him, hence his floppy locks as he wont sit still, getting his fringe straight and the back shorter can take a couple of hours of back and forth before I look at tidying up around his ears.   I then had two clean babies.

We let them watch half an hour of telly to unwind.    They are presently into Roobarb and Custard –, those of us of a certain age will remember it, and it just shows having DVD’s of things we loved as kids is not always the best thing when our children find them!!!!!!

It was then time for teeth and bed.    Both Hubby and I were expecting major rows, but no, both boys got into bed with little or no hassle.

D wanted big cuddles as he settled down, but was very quiet – normally he talks for Britain as the lights go out.    M snuggled up with his favourite cuddly chums who look after him at night-time.         D was sleeping within 10 minutes, but M was really restless.     His nervous cough was going mad as he tossed and turned.   He was however good, and stayed in bed and was snoring within half an hour.

Hubby and I were a little confused when they were both sleeping by 9pm!

M slept through until just gone 6am which is a really good night for him, whilst D went until just after half past.     That is definitely the bet night sleep they have had in ages!

Neither were keen on wanting to eat, but I reminded them they wouldn’t be able to graze like they have been doing, and they need their strength, so they dutifully munched on toasted teacakes.

It was at this point the transformation of D became apparent.   He sat with his head on my lap and just cuddled.     No speaking.   Just lay there.     He obediently went upstairs to clean his teeth and get dressed.   All the time the light of excitement in his eyes was growing dimmer.       When asked about how he was feeling, he said he was looking forward to seeing his friends.       At least there is a positive in there for him.

M got dressed, and got his bag ready, almost with excitement, he wants school.     For him it isn’t a negative feeling, it is all about the routine he loves.

We walked up the road, and D held my hand and the grip got tighter and tighter as we got closer to the school.      He was turning into the frightened little man we had seen every school day during the last academic year.       It is so sad to see my confident child become a quivering shadow.       I wish I knew how to help him, but all we can do is to be there to reassure him.

When we got to the school, there was chaos as nobody seemed to know where they should be lining up – I would have thought on the first day of term they would have put names on the line points to aid they child to find where they are going, but instead it was a massive hubbub of people, both adult and children trying to work out where they should be.

M went in on first bell, as he did last term.   The confusion of the playground in the morning is often too much for him, so rather than having a stressed out wee man at the start of the school day, it was agreed he could go in and settle himself before everyone else goes in.

D though took himself to the far point of the playground and said he didn’t know where he should be.    I point out several of his classmates, but he wouldn’t join the line.     He then admitted he was worried because his classroom was upstairs.     I asked how that was a worry, and he said he was slow on the stairs and the other children would make fun of him – he hasn’t even gone through the door on day one and he is already worried about potential bullying, not a good omen.       I suggested he waited and joined the line right at the back, so there was nobody behind him, and then he could take his time.      He liked this idea, but held my hand really tight, until his new teacher came out.        When I suggested he was at the back of the line, I hadn’t expected him to be so far back, that I had to tell him to hurry up to catch up to the person before him.      With shoulders hunched as he carried the weight of the world on them, he finally entered the building to begin his new year.

I know once he is in and settled he will be fine, and I think in his heart of heart, he knows that too, but when you are six years old, and everything frightens you there is no reasoning with it.       He will learn to trust his teacher, to a point, as he did last year.   He will learn to get on with those about him, as he did last year.     He will stay close to his friends – the two of them.      His friends are another worry he already has, going into P2, he worries what he will do if they aren’t in his class next year!!    Come on D one worry at a time!

I imagine in this part of the world there was a power surge just after 9am as kettles were put on, and cleaners were plugged in as we begin to sort out the mess of the long summer holidays!


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