End of Summer club.


The end of the Summer Club really does mean it is the end of the summer for us.

The boys have had a brilliant week of fun and games at the summer club organised by the town church – https://jas2jar.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/summer-club/

On the whole all the kids have been brilliantly behaved – mine included.    It has been great to see children from the two schools mix with each other by the end of the week.     There have been 30+ children there every day which has been noisy enough!!!     At just a £1 each day, I don’t know how they have done it, but it has been a great service to the community.

Every day the children have had work sheets to fill in, which the older ones have done no problem, and the younger ones have enjoyed just colouring in.     There has been an amazing art project each day.    They have made book marks, coasters, mobiles, and some very impressive space pictures.       There has also been some running around, with games, both team and party style.       As well as really imaginative snacks that have had the children quiet for a few minutes each session, allowing the helpers to get a well needed cup of tea!

The organisers have worked so hard to put this all together for the children, I just hope they and their parents have appreciated it.    I definitely have!

Now, I stayed as a parent helper, because I have the time, but more importantly because the ladies that organised these sessions are unpaid volunteers, and I just don’t think it would have been fair on them to have to deal with a meltdown from M or D totally loosing it – not that he does usually when with strangers, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution.        I could have dropped them off, and had a couple of hours to myself, goodness knows I could do with it, but after all these people have done to create such a positive environment, it would be wrong to abuse it.    I have to say, I have really enjoyed myself.     The kids have been delightful, and with a couple of exceptions done what they have been told when they have been told.

Today was the end of the week party.     M was really looking forward to it, but D had other plans, as he and Hubby were off to the football for a lunchtime kick off.

There were fewer children there today, as I imagine being the last weekend of the holidays there were family times being planned.       Those that were there – about 20, had a great time playing party games.     After weeks of fighting, it was strange to see M looking lost without D near by, proof if it were needed that he does care about his brother.

The food today was totally party style, with crisps and cake – M was in his element.     There was even a birthday cake to celebrate 10 years of summer clubs.

There is a church service tomorrow, but neither boy want to go.   D doesn’t like going to the church, and M doesn’t like the idea of them being on show as they talk about their week.       In a way I feel a little guilty using the facilities offered by the church without being part of the congregation.

Before we left today, M asked if we could sign up again for next year.    I think that says it all about how much he has enjoyed the sessions.      I think being the last week of the holidays, it is a great way of easing the children into the idea of not just getting up, but getting dressed and out of the house of a morning – not that it will make it any easier next week!!!

The summer club is a great service offered to the community of our town.   The ladies are amazing to offer their time and energy to this venture.   This Mum is definitely one that thanks you.

Now though my thoughts turn to Tuesday and back to school, because the end of Summer Club definitely means the holidays are all but over.


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  1. I run a similar program at our church every summer, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate parents like you who stay and help every day. I know people have many different reasons why they don’t volunteer, but the moms who do make it possible for us to put on these great activities for the kids. And they’re creating great memories with their kids that they will always enjoy. So a huge pat on the back to you! 🙂

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