Time for school preparations.


How can you tell it’s almost time to go back to school?

No, it’s not just a case of looking at the calendar.      It is a case of monitoring the behaviour of the children, M in particular.

We of course have to talk about going back to school, because we can’t just throw it at him the day before.      We have to allow him to get his head around the idea of returning or it will totally sending him to a place he doesn’t need to go inside his head.      The holidays are hard enough for him, but he has just got used to them, when we start talking about having to prepare for going back to the routine he craves.

Night times is when it is most obvious that he is trying to get his head into the right place to process the up coming changes.      As soon as he lays down, his cough starts.      It is a horrible cough that to anyone else you would worry that they have something wrong with their chests, but for M we know it is a nervous thing.      It only happens when he is stressed and trying to process input.        Then, we are having night terrors for the last few nights.       Because the terrors are now only when he is stressed about something, we tend to just let him ride them, and keep him safe while they happen.      It is horrible to watch your child suffer the way he sounds like he is during the episodes, but he isn’t in pain that can be healed, so we have to just help him though the tough times.

We have of course done the practical things to  do with getting ready.     We have tried on uniforms and bought the additional items needed.       New bags, and lunch boxes have been thought about, and minds changed a dozen times before the boys decided upon the ones they wanted.      Pencil cases have been refilled with sharp new pencils.      

In fact, we are  ready for the day on a practical sense.   We just need to get the emotional luggage packed and ready to go.

This is going to be a long weekend, with disturbed sleep and grumpy boys.      I just know if we can all pull together to keep the minds looking forward we will get through Tuesday and it will be back to a normal routine of fighting over not wanting to do homework in no time!!!!!

I totally love spending time with my boys, they are young for such a short time, but I love the idea of them returning to school because it gives them the routine that makes the structure of their lives understandable to them.

Only another couple of months until the next holidays when the stress can start all over again!


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  1. It is all in the planning and small details. For my son we used a photo album with pictures of his class, school mates. play ground and anything else he thought could help like photos of his walk to the school. Mind you it still took time! The best of luck to you all.

    • With M, he wants to be back to school. It is all about having just got used to one set of rules before having to click into a different set. Its the transition period he has to get his head around.

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