The Big Bang Theory.



There have been few comedies over the recent years that I have found really worth watching.     The Big Bang Theory has however been one that I love.     
I was given the DVD of the first series for my birthday, so I have been laughing my way through it.  
It is real laugh out loud funny.    For me it is the funniest thing to  have come out of the United States since the early seasons of Frasier – I felt it lost its way later on!
It might be rated a 12, but sometimes M has watched it with me.    He doesn’t understand most of what is said, but he loves Sheldon – who doesn’t?      M will start giggling whenever he is on screen.   When I laugh at the funny bits, M will start laughing with me.    It is lovely to see M laugh for real – he has a brilliant stage laugh which is very over the top.     He might not understand the joke, but its still great to see his face light up.
The writers say Sheldon isn’t written with an ASD, but that is definitely the way he comes across, and I do wonder if M actually identifies with him on some level without actually realizing it.    Its a thought, nothing more.


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