Summer Club.


This week the boys are taking part in the summer club organised by the local church.

They went last year, and had such a great time that when they saw the advert for this year, both boys were very excited to want to go.    Apparently notes should have come home from the school, but we didn’t get one from either boy!

Now, those of you that know me, know I have a rather strange view of religion.      As I think of mentioning my stand point, I can see that some people take offence when religion is talked about, and I have no intention of wanting that, but I think it is relevant to mention how I see religion.         I was bought up in a family that while not regular church goers but considered themselves Church of England.   My brother and I were made to go to Sunday school every week – as I grow older, I realise that was probably for our parents to get a couple of hours of grown-up time rather than for our moral salvation.       I can honestly say I remember nothing from these sessions, but I do remember watching the football in the park when we walked home – including the day I got hit on the head by a ball as we walked past, and I remember the Sunday we arrived an hour late because we hadn’t changed our clocks!         I have never had strong affiliations to any religion, and therefore consider myself to be agnostic rather than atheist.      Having said that I have no problem of anyone believing whatever works for them.   In fact, I kind of envy them in a way that they have faith.       I do like the idea of there being a great being but I find the whole idea of putting your best clothes on to go to church quite bizarre, after all, if God is omnipresent, doesn’t he see you when you’re sat on the loo as well as in your fancy best?      Therefore isn’t the dressing up more about how others are viewing you?    Hubbys Mum is an elder in her church and I am very uncomfortable with a lot of her attitude to other people.         It is therefore not religion I have a problem with, but with “the church”.        I think most religions have something good going for them and if all those bits were plucked out, and the nastiness thrown away, the world would be a better place.

Anyway, I seem to be getting of track here.

The school spends a lot of time connecting with the church, its only a few minutes walk apart.    I actually believe there is too much religion in the school when its own documentation states it doesn’t happen!        D hates going to the church, and I’m not sure if it’s the walk up the steep hill or the religion he’s got a problem with.     M on the other had loves going there, as he loves the peaceful atmosphere the church offers.       I don’t talk down religion to the boys, and will answer any questions they pose but we don’t encourage it either!    When they are old enough to do so, they can make up their own minds of what they want to believe in.

Last year the boys signed up to take part in the Olympic Summer Club at the church.    The week was spent with a mixture of crafts, games, singing, with a tad of religion thrown in.    I stayed as a parent helper, as I wasn’t sure how the boys would cope with the environment.     It was great fun, they loved it.

This year the theme is Space.      I agreed to stay again this year.   Its much easier to agree to, when volunteers are not trained in understanding unusual behaviours and rather than expose them to situations they can’t handle and could upset the boys, it’s better to stay.

Today was the first day, and the boys were so excited.     We filled in their registration forms, and then they made name badges, and decorated shoes boxes in which to keep their treasures they make during the week.        The minister then led them in some exercises, before they started on the first task of the day, to plant some cress people!      They watched a video about Daniel before getting a snack.    It was then outside for some fun with a parachute.      Then off to the church – just next to the church hall where we were, for some singing.      It was a very full two hours that just flew by.

The boys were so good, and loved every moment of it.    D was insistent on holding my hand as we went between activities, and M sat on my lap in the church, but other than that, they just got on with it.

They are already excited about the rest of the week.      Why can’t they do this for the full six weeks?!!!!!!


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