Messy Painting.


Messy painting has become part of school holidays.     We did it once, and now it has to be done at every holidays.

It started as pots of paint and brushed with lots of paper, or other things that need painting.    It does however soon deteriorate into the only things that get painted are the boys themselves!

I have friends who don’t let their children see pictures of mine on Facebook should I post pictures of the aftermath of messy painting, just in case theirs get the idea of the fun being had!

I always put the water on to heat before we start just so they can get straight into the bath.   that way there is less chance of them touching or sitting on something that would not take too kindly to be covered in paint!

Aberdeenshire-20130809-00035 Aberdeenshire-20130809-00037

It all starts quite innocently.

Aberdeenshire-20130809-00038 Aberdeenshire-20130809-00039

It is then time for M to Smurf up.


But still his picture is his priority.

D on the other hand….

Aberdeenshire-20130809-00042 Aberdeenshire-20130809-00045 Aberdeenshire-20130809-00048

The more he can get on himself the happier he is.   You’ve heard about the pig in muck?    Well here he is!


M soon joins in with the hands, and then the two of them try to see how much paint they can get on each other.    It is the most contact they make with one another without wanting to hurt.   Hearing the giggles makes the mess all worth while.    They are of one mind as they smother each other.


They are two happy bunnies.



The paint has to be removed.

The water is dirty brown instantly.

The bubbles fly everywhere, but again they are happy and giggling, and its hardly a major problem to clear up.

In fact the clean up, both of themselves and the floor, and table is all part of the game.

So messy painting is marked as done for this school holidays!


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