M’s baby.



M has a new friend.      Her name is Amiee – and yes, that is how its spelled as I was told in no uncertain terms!
He fell in love with her and he loves her without question.    It is as simple as that.
He tells us he is her Daddy and she is his baby.    He holds her gently and tells the rest of us to be quiet if she is sleeping.    He has made Old person knit her a jumper.    We are allowed to hold her carefully and give her cuddles and kisses, but only when instructed to do so.
She has been out with him, as he hasn’t let her out of his sight.
I’m not too sure what to make of this latest obsessive behaviour.     He rarely shows affection so this level of devotion is totally new.    Even with his love of Jimmy, it has never been like this.
Only time will tell how this behaviour develops.
For now though he is enjoying being a Daddy and the responsibility he feels goes with it.
I’m just hoping it won’t be another obstacle that we will have to find a solution to before going back to school.


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  1. Enjoy. My son has a soft dog that he still loves 16 years on! OK now it stays in his room but we had years of taking his dog were ever we went. You get some great memories from this.

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