Football time.


Today is the first game of the new season.      I can barely control my excitement, or my sarcasm.

Hubby on the other hand is a football fanatic.   He loves his Aberdeen football Club.   I have always known I come lower in the pecking order than the almighty red machine.    The first year we were together, Hubby missed my birthday, because he was attending the opening game of the season.    I have therefore learned to know my place!

Hubby became a fan when he was a young boy and was taken to games by his granddad.    Him and his friends then used to go together as he grew older.    It is his passion and his release, and I would never try to take that away from him.      He did used to go to a lot of away games as well, as he would report for a fan based website.    When I was working weekends, that was never a problem, but when the children came along, Hubby decided his place was at home with the family.    He made the right decision, before I had to make it for him!!!

When M was due to be born, I was taken into hospital as my blood pressure was concerning the doctors.     I was bored to tears, and so was Hubby who spent a lot of time in keeping my company.      M was in no hurry to be born, and despite various inducements, nothing was happening.    Hubby decided he wasn’t going to the game that Saturday, and instead stayed in the ward with me, being agitated because nothing was happening.     He finally agreed to go and sit out in the car to listen to the game on the radio.   The nurse said she would come and find him should anything of note happen.     Of course, he hadn’t been gone long before they decided I really needed to be pushed along as my blood pressure was in a mess, and M’s wasn’t fairing too well.    They dragged Hubby back in, but M decided he still didn’t fancy making an appearance, and it was much later that night before I was rushed for an emergency section!

So, while Hubby loves his football, he has also learned that there are greater priorities in life!!!!

I have no problem with active supporting of a sport.   I was a huge ice-hockey fan before I moved up her, and was a season ticket holder for my beloved Basingstoke Bison.     Since moving so I couldnt attend the games, I have lost interest in checking how they are getting on, as it just isn’t something I feel I want to do at a distance.       I could never be an armchair supporter, and I really can’t see the obsessive joy of watching games of teams you have no interest in what so ever.     Then, this morning, Hubby went one stage worse, and was watching a game on the telly, and D asked him a question about who they wanted to win, and Hubby replied, that he already knew the result of the game.    How can that then be entertaining or full of suspense when you know the outcome?    I just don’t get it.

I suffer in silence at the hour upon hour of sport I watch because he needs to watch it.    Now, before you sports fanatics say I should go into another room rather than complain, I go upstairs to the bedroom, because Old Person takes over the television in the main room watching repeats – sorry Classic episodes of things that were rubbish when we suffered them 25 years ago, and then Hubby puts on sport on the bedroom telly.    So tell me where I should go.    I instead let him watch his football, and do stuff on my tablet.    Anything for a quiet life.     I do however have to suffer listening to the ridiculous nonsense the over paid commentators are spurting.

D is getting into it.   He went to a few games last season with Hubby, and while he doesn’t really understand it, he is having great bonding time with his Dad.     I think D enjoys the pies more than the game but he is there.

So today is the first day of the new season.    It is again one with high hopes for a team that has achieved little in the last almost three decades.      They have yet another new manager, and they have bought in new players.     Only time will tell if the bookies have it right as they are favourites to end the season as runners-up.

In the meantime, I am resolved to being a football widow.    I accept it is Hubbys passion.      I can therefore only say one more thing, and that is –




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  1. Poor you! I have to say you sound like you are being really fair and care so much for everyone. It is good you understand his need and he can share this with the boys. Good on you girl!

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