Monster University.


Today is my birthday, and the boys and Hubby had planned treats for me.     Long gone are the days when birthday treats include long lay ins and lazy lunches.     Today has been full on since we woke, and we woke early.

The boys decided we had to be on the go as early as possible this morning.    It was not a gentle awakening either, but they were happy and enthusiastic.      They had both written me notes rather than making cards, and they are lovely, as they both wrote they loved me which is something both of them have difficulty verbalizing.      They will be treasured possessions.        I then had to open presents.   They had been to the shops with Hubby and had bought me a jumper, a cool Kermit t-shirt, lots of sweeties – which they like, and the best present of all, an Eeyore onesie – I am a huge Eeyore fan and there was something a little strange about putting on an Eeyore skin, but it was so warm and comfy, I almost said roll on the winter!!!      Hubby also bought me the DVD of the first series of The Big Bang Theory.    It is my favourite US comedy just now, and I believe the best thing to come out of the states, comedy wise in years.

We then had to head out.

We went to Frankie & Bennys for brunch.   Hubby and I have been a few times, and think it is great value for money, however the last time I went there with Old person, the service was dire.   Today though it was lovely.     Hubbys mother met us there, and we had a lovely meal.   The boys think it is great that they can order from the grown-up breakfast menu, even though they don’t manage to finish it all.       The food was good and the service was attentive today, so it was a lovely family time.

MIL didn’t want to come to the cinema with us so she left us after the meal.     The cinema is just a few steps from the restaurant so we didn’t have far to go.   We picked up the tickets, got an extra pair of 3D specs, as Old person didn’t have any, and then we were organised.

Monsters University had been a much anticipated film in our household as we are all fans on Monsters Inc.     Lets face it, Monsters Inc is a great movie and I’m not a huge Billy Crystal fan.       We don’t usually take the boys to full priced films, as they aren’t always good at sitting still – especially D, for that length of time.    If we go to kid’s club, there are usually lots of other kids who are restless too, and when you’re only paying £1 a ticket you can’t complain  about agitation as much as full priced entry.        I had taken juice and sweeties for us as I think the prices they charge in the cinema are beyond a joke.

Glasses on and we settled to enjoy the movie.

I have to say generally, I was disappointed.      I think I had gone in with such high hopes after the original that it just had no chance of hitting that bar.   It just didn’t have the laughs.      I think if I had gone in without these high hopes I would have enjoyed it so much more.      I also think the best bits had been shown as trailers so there wasn’t too many surprises.

The film is about how Mike and Sully become true friends.    It is about the under dog have big dreams, and while not reaching those dreams, discovering his true self and what his real destiny is.       Most of all though it is about friendships and how the most unlikely of pairing can need each other so they shine to their full potential.

Sully is a total twat at the beginning of the movie and I think that was a shock as we all love him as a big friendly monster from the first film.       Mike is very driven, but has dreams that really aren’t achievable.   That is they aren’t achievable until the two of them partner up as they need each others strengths to show they can do anything.      The end of the movie has a few twists, but then eventually you see them step onto the scare floor for their first day as scarer and coach.

I thought the film was nice in its own way, but because of my love of the original, I was disappointed.   The boys loved it, and as usual demanded when it comes out on DVD that they get it – always a sign of their enjoyment of a movie (there are three levels when they come out of the movie theatre, first nothing is said – they didn’t really enjoy it, secondly, when it’s on the telly we’ll have to record it – they liked it but it hasn’t instantly become a favourite, and lastly, asking for the DVD while the credits are still rolling – they loved the movie and it will be an M obsession for a while!).

If you’ve not seen it yet and you’re thinking of going, go in without preconceived ideas, and then you will probably enjoy in much more that I did.

In the mean time, “Go Oozma Kappa!”


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