Shhhhh its a secret!


Tomorrow is my birthday.

I don’t particularly enjoy birthdays.     Never have.    It’s not the getting old I have a problem with – I’m probably much happier with who I am now than I have been at any other point in the past.       Where I grew up, there were a lot of kids about the same age, so everyone went to each others birthday parties, and in those days, it was always home parties, there weren’t the go to venues there are now.      The parties were therefore a great show off tool for the Mums, and my Mum has always been a terrible show off, and still is – she has the most amazing telephone voice!!!       My Mum was an excellent cook – I say was, as I don’t believe she knows where the kitchen is in this house, and we’ve only lived here 11 years!   Because we never had much money, everything was made from scratch, and it was basic, but good food.    Birthday parties were therefore a perfect platform for her to show off her talents, and boy did she!       I had some of the most amazing cakes, in different shapes and patterns.    They were brilliant, and I admire her skill and patience to create the masterpieces (I learned my love of cake making from her).       The problem was that because my birthday was midway through the summer holidays, the party was always on my actual birthday, and so the day for my Mum was about preparing for the arrival of the children, but more importantly their Mothers.     I was not important on the day that was meant to be about me.   I got to open my presents in the morning, and then had to keep out of the way so I didn’t make a mess or get under her feet.     I grew to resent the whole concept of birthdays, and therefore have taken little heed to them over the years.     I worked on my 18th and my 21st.    They were just days of the year, nothing to worry about.       Maybe for my 100th I’ll make a fuss of it!

I do however think its important to make a fuss of other people on their day.    It is a day to feel important and special, and therefore I have gone out of my way with presents and treats for Hubby, and other family members.    When the boys came along, I decided, they were going to feel special on the day that was about them, and I hope therefore they look forward to treats and special things on their birthdays.   I am not just talking about spending money buying big expensive presents but about getting things that mean something to the person involved.    It’s in the detail.     M’s birthday always falls in the October holidays, and I feel a little sorry for him.    I always wish I’d had a birthday at school to be with my friends.   It’s hard to explain.

Well, tomorrow, I celebrate the passing of another year.    Hubby is pretty rubbish at buying presents, and will always check what he is going to do, and usually I end up with an IOU which never gets cashed in – maybe when we win the lottery I will demand redemption of them!        Somehow this doesn’t matter, as the day is important to the boys.     They want to make me feel special, and I love that about the day.

This morning, they were helping Old person wrap presents, and it was funny that they were trying to keep me occupied so I didn’t go into her room – I only go into her room once a week to change the bed and Hoover so I was unlikely to barge in!   They however took turns in keeping me out-of-the-way.          Then D sat at the table with pens, and paper, and glue, and sticky things, and did I mention glue?     I was told in no uncertain terms that I was to stay of the way!       Every now an again, M went over and the two of them whispered to each other.     The problem is their idea of a whisper would make a stage whisper look quiet!!!      From what I can gather, they will be making a cake with Daddy when he gets home.    I don’t think they realise how long making, cooking and decorating a cake takes, but never mind!     I had shown them a picture yesterday that had been shared on Facebook of a cake that looked like a Minion from Despicable Me 2, and they think they will be able to make that this evening – I don’t envy Hubby when he breaks it to them that will not be possible!

They have organised a treat for me for tomorrow, and that is going to the cinema.     We are going to see Monsters University, and I must say I am looking forward to seeing it.     We were going to go for lunch as well, but the times of the screenings mean we will go for brunch before hand instead.

I am looking forward to be pampered by my three boys.     They will go out of their way to look after me, and eat any sweeties I might receive!

Birthdays are definitely improving with age!


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  1. Have the best day! if you greet the day as you help others to greet their birthday, things should go well. I’ve seen the film and loved it, I am sure you all will have a ton of fun. Big hugs x

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