Where are you Jimmy?


Jimmy is missing.

Jimmy is M’s trusted bear.   He is about 7inches tall, red, with an Aberdeen Football Club logo on his tummy – he was named after Jimmy Calderwood who was the manager when M was born, Hubby is a huge fan.     He is going very bald as he has been M’s comforter since he was born.    He has been sucked, chewed, and goodness knows what else, but after a bath in the washing machine, always comes out ready for more love.      M is lost without him.    Or rather, now that he has realised he hasn’t had him for a few days, he is very distraught.    He is extremely flappy, which is something he hasn’t been too bad with during the rest of the holidays.       We know Jimmy is in the house.     We just don’t know where!

Today we gave the boys bedroom (they share) a deep clean and tidy.     It served two purposes.     The room got tidied, and cleaned with the boys doing a really good share of the work – I am very proud of how much work they have actually done today.      The other reason though, was to look for Jimmy.    Alas he was nowhere to be found.   We pulled out beds, and wardrobes and no sign of the red bear.

D promises he has not thrown him or hidden him anywhere, but you never know with him.   If he has been angry with M, he often takes it out on Jimmy as he knows that is the way to really hurt M.   He has been told that should he “find” Jimmy anywhere, then just put him on M’s bed.      We can always hope if he remembers flinging him somewhere he will retrieve him and return him.     D isn’t a very good liar and he has a shocking short-term memory, so if he said he doesn’t know where we might find him, then the chances are he is telling the truth.

Tomorrow we are going to sort the toy shelves to see if he has been mixed up in one of the boxes there.   I can only hope he is!

This of course isn’t the first time we have lost him.    We have a substitute bear, that was fine when he was younger, but now there is little resemblance between them, as one has far more hair than the other.    I think we need to get him microchipped so he whistles when we can’t find him, like you can do with your keys.   It would save so much time and effort, as I think  I spend half my life looking for this creature!

Until he is found though I have a little boy who is desperate for the love of his confident, his best friend, and his first true love.

Where are you Jimmy?



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