Wasp update 2


As you may remember a few weeks back, Hubby was a hero and destroyed the wasp’s nest that had been built in the eaves of our house at the front – http://wp.me/p3tFtX-43     All was clear and there have been no more seen in that area, however yesterday evening we had 2 of the monsters in our bedroom, at the back of the house.   My trusty can of wasp and fly killer soon saw them off.    This morning Hubby went out into the back garden, and whilst there was no sign of a nest, there were a lot of wasps flitting about near the guttering.     A trip to the loft saw no evidence of them actually being in the house, which is something.

We don’t have a ladder longer enough to climb up to the roof, not that any of us would want to do that any way, so Hubby did the most sensible thing and he called a man who knows about these things.

Their advice was that if they aren’t in the loft, then the chances are they are under the tiles, as to see a group in the same place does imply a nest.      They can’t come out until Monday, but will be here at 9am to deal with it – what’s the betting Monday is the one day of the holidays the boys actually sleep late?!

Until the man (or woman) tells me they are dead, I will be keeping the back door, and our bedroom window well and truly shut!


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  1. Good luck over the weekend! We had our own wasp adventure this week, with a nest of VERY aggressive wasps that attacked both my husband and my son on consecutive days. They both have quite a high tolerance for pain, but these stings laid them out for a couple of hours each. It took us a few days to find their nest, but when found our son got his revenge by spraying the nest and killing the larvae. It’s not fun to be afraid to use part of your own house!

    • Sounds like you’ve had quite a wasp nightmare! I have my can of killer at hand, and I know where the antihistamines are should there be any bites! However, roll on Monday morning!

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