Hot Diggerty Dog.


Every since having children I havent been able to say hot-dog, without singing hot diggerty dog in my head.   For those who have not got recent pre-schoolers, Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse friends sing the terrible song at the end of each episode.     It just gets into your head, and stays there ready to burst out with little prompting!

Now, ask me what my favourite food is and I will say sausages.   I don’t like really meaty premium ones, just cheapy ones that are probably more rusk than meat.     I’ve always loved them, and I must say both boys have inherited my taste buds on this!    D of course will eat most things with little fuss.    If he says he doesn’t like something, then the truth of the matter is that he doesn’t like it.     M on the other hand is very suspicious of new foods.    He knows what he likes and that’s that.      He will try new foods if they are sold to him in the right way.      It always has to be told to him that it tastes or looks like something he does enjoy.    The food then goes through the ritual of being sniffed and licked with just the tip of his tongue.     He may reject it at this point if he has already made up his mind that he doesn’t like it, but if we are lucky, it will go into his mouth where he will either wolf it down or spit it out in such away to put you off your own meal!   It is always a nervous time presenting a new dish to the table.

I therefore tend to stick with variations of food I know he’s going to eat.     Chicken pie is probably his favourite food, and he would eat it for all three meals a day if I gave him the choice.     One other loved food is of course the sausages.    On a plate, in a bun or as sausage rolls.    He especially loves frankfurters.

The other day a friend of mine posted a picture on her Pintrest feed of some very interesting sausage rolls.      They were in fact hot dogs – well, the pastry was arranged in such a fashion to make them look like Dalmatians!     You have to think about this for a while.    I read the recipe and though, what a brilliant idea –     It was an American site that published the original recipe, so with a little bit of adjustment, I was able to make it something I could use.

I bought the frankfurters, and a packets of puff pastry, as I couldn’t get the Pillsbury product described in the recipe.     I then went about creating.


I must say they were really easy to make, and they looked quite impressive.    The recipe called for using a slice of pepper for the collar, but I had none of them so used a slither of tomato.     I was happy with the result.     Into the oven they went.

20 minutes later, out came the beautiful looking hotdogs!


I was very impressed with them, but the test was what the boys would think.     D was squealing with delight when he saw them.       M eyed them with a little suspicion, but soon realized they were a bit of fun.     It was then time to deassemble them!    When M eats a regular sausage roll, he removes the pastry and eats in separately from the sausage, but these were so much more fun to pull apart.    We had laughter as he said he was eating the feet, the ears, and the tail, before pulling the body apart!          He even ate the poppy seeds without comment!

He had barely swallowed the last mouthful when he asked if I could make them again!    That says it all, they are a success.

My mind started working on if they would be fun in miniature for a kid’s birthday party.     I know they would be a lot of faffing about, but can you imagine the children when they saw them?      Maybe if we do a home party at any point I will think about it.

A fun tea time idea, that was a huge success in this household.


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