Madagascar 3 – europes most wanted.


This morning we were up bright and early, for a Sunday.    We are usually on the go the same time every day, as the boys still haven’t learned you can sleep a bit later at the weekend, even though they are quite happy to go to bed a little bit later the night before.      Today though, we were up and dressed by 9am as we were going tot he cinema to see Madagascar 3.    It was a 9.30am screening which is definitely an early start for a Sunday!

We have all seen bits of the film when the boys have seen it on the telly, but this morning, it was a special treat as the kids club presentation was in 3D.      Much to my surprise, the boys both love 3D movies.    I was thinking it might confuse them the first time we went, but D is happy to try to grab things that come out of the screen at him.    M on the other hand loves films, which is probably why we have such a huge DVD collect, and subscribe to the kids movie channels.   He sits quietly, jaw almost open as he is totally in awe of the whole production.   It is beautiful to see him drink in the experience.     It is not often, if ever that M can stay glued to a task for very long, but he understands when at the movies, you sit down and that you until the end credits roll.

The previous 2 outings of the Madagascar franchise are films we love in our house and have seen I don’t know how many times, which was why when #3 first came onto the television, the boys were desperate to watch it.   However, seeing it in 3D was something else entirely.    I would say it is definitely a movie they made with the 3D market in mind.   There are many scenes of swirling and bubbles that are great in 2D but amazing in 3D.

For those of you that haven’t seen it (I will assume you have some idea of the plot of the first 2), the gang are in Africa, deciding its time to head back to New York.    The penguins and the monkeys have collected a lot of gold and jewels and head off to Monte Carlo, leaving our heroes behind.        Somehow, our heroes manage to make their way also to Monte Carlo where they find the penguins and monkeys betting big, and making an absolute fortune.     Enter the bad guy, or bad gal in this instance in the shape of the animal control warden, who is pure evil and wants the head of a lion to complete her collection of stuffed animals.      See pursues them Chuck Norris style, with nothing and nobody getting in her way.      Our heroes though take refuse with a circus troop of animals who believe they are also circus trained.     If the troop perform in London and impress a promoter, they will perform in New York city, and get home.    The penguins buy the circus with their winnings, only to find out it is the worst circus you can imagine.     With the help of Alex, Gloria, Melman, and Marty, they stir up a passion that had been lost in the circus performers.   They of course get back to New York, only to discover the zoo they had been hankering for wasn’t as perfect as they remember.   Just as they are about to return to the circus, the animal controller catches them, but the zoo keeper sees this and thinks she has returned them.     They are caged again and very unhappy, but the circus animals come to their rescue and as a chase pursues they get away and are happily reunited with their new friends.      The movie ends in a way you only get if you have seen the first movie, and that is the animal controller and her lackies tied up in crates on a liner heading for Madagascar.

It is a good family movie, with laughs a plenty, and as with the previous 2 movies the jokes are at two levels so there is something for the parents as well as the kids.

I enjoyed it, but I didn’t think it was as good as the first and definitely not up to the second which is my favourite.       If you want a film to stimulate your senses with colour and song, then this is a really good feel good movie where friendship means more than anything.     If you expect something any deeper pass it by.


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